Short & Caught is Stockhead’s fortnightly recap of which ASX small cap stocks are heavily shorted. Stocks that are shorted have investors betting they fall.

Shorting works by selling stocks you do not actually own in the hope of buying them back at a lower price.

Because shorting is restricted under Australian law, any substantial shorting of stocks is worth knowing about, even if you own these stocks and only trade long.


Code Name Price (I) Short Interest (Volume shares) Short Interest 1 Month % Change Market Cap
SDV SCIDEV LTD 0.65 921.55k 1,196,719.5 98.06M
MGV MUSGRAVE MINERALS LTD 0.66 325.00k 137,030.8 301.60M
HCT HOLISTA COLLTECH LTD 0.07 345.63k 30,059.51 20.38M
THC THC GLOBAL GROUP LTD 0.27 400.00k 5,664.52 47.62M
MVF MONASH IVF GROUP LTD 0.54 451.65k 3,760.61 210.40M
CAI CALIDUS RESOURCES LTD 0.61 513.55k 3,427.13 158.55M
PDI PREDICTIVE DISCOVERY LTD 0.08 786.59k 2,917.46 65.09M
BTH BIGTINCAN HOLDINGS LTD 0.92 916.14k 1,769.22 331.37M
RVR RED RIVER RESOURCES LTD 0.1 1.56M 881.35 54.21M
BDC BARDOC GOLD LTD 0.09 1.50M 704.06 141.34M
MME MONEYME LTD 1.15 1.52M 701.18 194.86M
MVP MEDICAL DEVELOPMENTS INTERNA 6.34 836.56k 401.36 419.99M
TTM TITAN MINERALS LTD 0.14 642.81k 393.53 129.06M
DCG DECMIL GROUP LTD 0.06 12.31M 350.97 76.19M
CST CASTILE RESOURCES LTD 0.22 355.23k 340.73 41.94M
DCN DACIAN GOLD LTD 0.35 7.38M 311.15 186.37M
CAT CATAPULT GROUP INTERNATIONAL 1.69 580.00k 307.57 327.39M
BBUS BETASHARES US EQ STR BEAR-CH 2.4 774.51k 282.5 312.43M
NXS NEXT SCIENCE LTD 1.39 354.33k 236.46 248.72M
PPE PEOPLE INFRASTRUCTURE LTD 1.95 662.82k 226.53 172.12M
MCR MINCOR RESOURCES NL 0.77 315.43k 223.77 281.21M
EHL EMECO HOLDINGS LTD 1.05 10.37M 191.63 383.29M
CDD CARDNO LTD 0.33 916.00k 164.82 151.99M
ECX ECLIPX GROUP LTD 1.4 11.24M 164.72 447.49M
DRO DRONESHIELD LTD 0.16 1.52M 148.11 40.39M
WPP WPP AUNZ LTD 0.31 1.74M 118.93 268.43M
NGI NAVIGATOR GLOBAL INVESTMENTS 1.34 548.21k 111.05 217.28M
CBR CARBON REVOLUTION LTD 1.67 1.25M 110.53 248.74M
AYS AMAYSIM AUSTRALIA LTD 0.63 441.32k 102.48 185.92M
LPD LEPIDICO LTD 0.01 624.66k 98.35 36.30M
SVY STAVELY MINERALS LTD 0.67 817.95k 87.57 148.11M
AD8 AUDINATE GROUP LTD 5.23 1.18M 63.74 352.61M
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A number of the heavily shorted stocks had seen operational disruptions due to COVID-19.

Water tech stock SciDev (ASX:SDV) has seen the biggest percentage increase in short interest.

The company told shareholders in its last quarterly  that it had seen reduced sales in the last quarter and projects already secured had been delayed resulting in revenue being delayed into the next financial year.

Holista Colltech (ASX:HCT) was one of the earliest stocks to gain from the hand sanitiser boom due to COVID-19.

But shares took a tumble earlier this month when it told shareholders COVID-19 restrictions had disrupted supply chains globally, particularly in the US.

Other stocks have been shorted despite business ostensibly returning to normal. One is Monash IVF (ASX:MVF), which was forced to halt procedures for a few weeks due to restrictions on elective surgery, but has since been allowed to resume.

Also on the list were a handful of explorers that have made substantial gains in recent months.

Examples include gold plays Musgrave Minerals (ASX:MGV) and Predictive Discovery (ASX:PDI) as well as copper play Stavely Minerals (ASX:SVY).

Shorted finance stocks include fintech MoneyMe (ASX:MME) and investment bank Moelis (ASX:MOE), despite the windfall COVID-19 has caused for the fintech and investment banking sectors.