On Stockhead today, Vulcan responds to J Capital’s short report, China sparks a scramble for magnesium supply, and the challenge to reduce the carbon footprint of ammonia — a crucial ingredient in fertilisers.

But first…the day ahead.

Today the ABS issues business inflation data. Labour shortages, supply chain disruptions and the energy price crunch will be the focus, CommSec says.

Retail trade data and private sector credit data for September will also be released.


The following companies are in trading halts and are expected out in the next two trading days:


Bioxyne (ASX:BXN) – potential acquisition
Vulcan (ASX:VUL) – short seller response
Mighty Craft (ASX:MCL) – capital raising
Gascoyne Resources (ASX:GCY) – takeover offer update
ECS Botanics (ASX:ECS) – capital raising
Sky Metals (ASX:SKY) – capital raising
Pacific Nickel Mines (ASX:PNM) – capital raising
Prospect Resources (ASX:PSC) – capital raising
Korab Resources (ASX:KOR) – capital raising


Global Lithium Resources (ASX:GL1) – capital raising
Resources & Energy Group (ASX:REZ) – capital raising
Frontier Resources (ASX:FNT) – acquisition
Blackstone Minerals (ASX:BSX) – capital raising
Gateway Mining (ASX:GML) – capital raising
Antisense Therapeutics (ASX:ANP) – European regulator response
Blue Star Helium (ASX:BNL) – capital raising
Santana Minerals (ASX:SMI) – capital raising
Red Dirt Metals (ASX:RDT) – assay results
Patrys (ASX:PAB) – capital raising
Hexima (ASX:HXL) – capital raising



Gold: $US1,798.33 ($2,384.44) (+0.09%)

Silver: $US24.05 ($31.89) (+0.05%)

Oil (WTI): $US83.17 (+0.62%)

Oil (Brent): $US84.51 (-0.08%)

Coal: $US223.35 (-0.00%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US121.94 (-0.34%)

AUD/USD: $US0.7542 (+0.33%)

Bitcoin: $US62,024.50 ($82,239.53) (+4.95%)


$SHIB goes mental. Punters wonder what could have been.

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Code Company Price % Volume
IVX Invion Ltd 0.031 138% 498,430,006
ALT Analytica Limited 0.002 100% 6,109,392
NPM Newpeak Metals 0.002 100% 4,333,334
OAK Oakridge 0.002 100% 1,066,816
ANL Amani Gold Ltd 0.003 50% 24,669,437
PIL Peppermint Inv Ltd 0.022 29% 56,338,509
VPR Volt Power Group 0.003 20% 54,786,059
SPN Sparc Tech Ltd 1.23 19% 1,875,823
DEL Delorean Corporation 0.225 18% 1,784,496
AFA ASF Group Limited 0.052 18% 20,000
MXO Motio Ltd 0.084 17% 519,218
AFW Applyflow Limited 0.007 17% 69,062,158
AUH Austchina Holdings 0.007 17% 7,271,315
GGX Gas2Grid Limited 0.0035 17% 877,215
BBT Bluebet Holdings Ltd 2 16% 1,675,856
GL1 Globallith 0.485 15% 1,452,628
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Cancer-fighting company Invion (ASX:IVX) was the standout performer of the day – up 138% — after studies showed “complete regression of triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in vivo (on mice)” following application of the company’s INV043 treatment.

“TNBC is a hard-to-treat cancer that is resistant to most chemotherapies,” IVX said.

The results showed that tumour masses were undetectable after two weeks, with no scarring or recurrence of the disease which suggests “protective immunity”, the company added.

Invion CEO Thian Chew said the in vivo tests “sets the foundation for Invion to progress INV043 towards clinical trials”.

Meanwhile, Philippines-based tech play Peppermint Innovations (ASX:PIL) secured a gateway agreement with Dragonpay, one of the country’s largest payment networks.

Betting stock Bluebet (ASX:BBT) reported record turnover of $125.9 million for the quarter, up 67.4% up from 12 months ago.

And HR tech stock Applyflow (ASX:AFW) says recruitment firm Hudson Global Resources signed on to its Applypay service, which is a finance solution for recruiter invoices.


Scroll or swipe to reveal table. Click headings to sort.

Code Company Price % Volume
WOO Wooboard Tech Ltd 0.002 -33.3% 210,877,921
YPB YPB Group Ltd 0.002 -33.3% 17,334,432
PRM Prominence Energy 0.008 -27.3% 126,338,159
KOR Korab Resources 0.06 -20.0% 23,086,617
BAS Bass Oil Ltd 0.002 -20.0% 1,823,001
VIC Victory Mines Ltd 0.002 -20.0% 234,823
CMD Cassius Mining Ltd 0.017 -19.0% 3,922,980
PBH Pointsbet Holdings 8.63 -18.3% 10,944,332
RWD Reward Minerals Ltd 0.14 -17.6% 2,178,148
RHI Red Hill Iron 3.4 -16.9% 150,006
FHS Freehill Mining Ltd. 0.025 -16.7% 1,467,208
BUX Buxton Resources Ltd 0.096 -16.5% 880,454
PVW PVW Res Ltd 0.42 -16.0% 514,027
DTC Damstra Holdings 0.775 -15.8% 2,439,938
IBG Ironbark Zinc Ltd 0.044 -15.4% 7,167,064
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Oil and gas play Prominence (ASX:PRM) drilled a duster at Bowsprit-1, and will now “actively seek new prospective oil and gas assets or green hydrogen projects”.

“We are obviously disappointed with the Bowsprit-1 well result,” PRM boss Alex Parks says.

“We are pleased to have given our shareholders exposure to a good prospect with a material upside, but it did not work out this time.”

“At the current oil prices, the T1 reserves are still commercially significant for the Company, and we intend to drill that and put it on production next year. In the meantime, we will mature some of the projects we have under consideration and look to add a new energy project to the Company portfolio.”

Magnesium explorer Korab Resources (ASX:KOR) fell after completing a ~$1.9m placement at 5.5c per share – a 26.7% discount to the last traded price.

And while betting stock Pointsbet (ASX:PBH) increased turnover by 42%, it still reported negative cash of $38m for the quarter.