On Stockhead today, how Australian Ethical gained first mover advantage in a $30 trillion sector, wannabe virus fighters ride high in a rough month for stocks and LNG is feeling the heat from the coronavirus.

But first…


The day ahead

The most important economic data today is fourth-quarter GDP figures. Also keep your eye out for Australia’s performance manufacturing index for the month of February and the AiG’s performance of construction index.

The following companies are in trading halts and are expected to exit in the next couple of days.


Terracom (ASX:TER) – interim stop order
European Lithium (ASX:ENR) – earn in and joint venture agreement
Vango Mining (ASX:VAN) – exploration results
Adavale Resounrces (ASX:ADD) – capital raising and Tanzanian government update
Windlab (ASX:WND) – acquisition proposal


Security Matter (ASX:SMX) – capital raising
Great Northern Minerals (ASX:GNM) – capital raising
De Grey Mining (ASX:DEG) – exploration update



Gold: $US1,639.55 ($2,429.97) (+2.98%)

Silver: $US17.15 (+1.96%)

Oil (WTI): $US47.38 (+1.27%)

Oil (Brent): $US52.01 (-0.07%)

Coal: $US66.87 (-0.27%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US87.10 (+0.74%)

AUD/USD: $US0.6596 (+0.90%)

Bitcoin: $US8,699.28 (-1.87%)


What got you talking yesterday

For all the benefit hand sanitiser and face mask makers have seen during the coronavirus, everyone really wants a cure. An Israeli research institute reckons it’s got a vaccine coming along within the next few months. Unsurprisingly, it got the most attention on Twitter.

Also popular yesterday was the latest edition of the Wildcatter Podcast.

This week Peter Strachan spoke with Talga Resources (ASX:TLG) managing director Mark Thompson whose company has a graphite project in Sweden. If you missed it you can listen here.

These were the most tipped stocks on Stocks in Play:

Yesterday’s winners

Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
EGR Ecograf Ltd 0.07 +60.87% $22.8M 1.1M
NCR NuCoal Resources Ltd 0.01 +57.14% $8.5M 1.6M
FIJ Fiji Kava Ltd 0.09 +38.46% $8.6M 318.8k
NZS New Zealand Coastal Seafoods Ltd 0.011 +37.50% $5.8M 1.0M
PUA Pure Alumina Ltd 0.015 +36.36% $3.3M 1.1M
LBL Laserbond Ltd 0.53 +35.90% $50.2M 478.3k
ESE eSense-Lab Ltd 0.01 +33.33% $1.5M 1.2M
KTA Krakatoa Resources Ltd 0.05 +33.33% $11.4M 14.7M
TGO Trimantium GrowthOps Ltd 0.1 +33.33% $13.9M 195.6k
CLB Candy Club Holdings Ltd 0.06 +33.33% $13.8M 732.6k
KAU Kaiser Reef Ltd 0.3 +30.43% $10.0M 1.3M
NSB NeuroScientific Biopharmaceuti 0.14 +27.27% $11.0M 101.4k
ODA Orcoda Ltd 0.2 +25.00% $21.7M 15.0k
BPL Broken Hill Prospecting Ltd 0.015 +25.00% $3.8M 581.1k
HE8 Helios Energy Ltd 0.12 +25.00% $184.8M 2.0M
DXB Dimerix Ltd 0.16 +24.00% $28.1M 2.5M
E2M E2 Metals Ltd 0.16 +24.00% $14.2M 33.6k
WML Woomera Mining Ltd 0.02 +23.08% $2.9M 200.0k
MRC Mineral Commodities Ltd 0.22 +22.22% $92.7M 166.5k
JYC Joyce Corp Ltd 1.46 +21.67% $41.0M 19.7k
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Yesterday’s losers

Code Name Price % Chg Market Cap Volume
FMS Flinders Mines Ltd 0.03 -28.57% $104.6M 3.0M
BIR BIR Financial Ltd 0.06 -25.00% $4.9M 132
ATP Atlas Pearls Ltd 0.01 -22.22% $3.0M 410.0k
MAU Magnetic Resources NL 0.49 -19.67% $101.6M 156.7k
NES Nelson Resources Ltd 0.03 -18.92% $1.6M 51.2k
JAY Jayride Group Ltd 0.2 -18.00% $20.7M 88.4k
OKR Okapi Resources Ltd 0.07 -17.50% $2.4M 20.0k
RGL Riversgold Ltd 0.01 -16.67% $2.5M 272.0k
AVZ AVZ Minerals Ltd 0.08 -16.67% $173.2M 39.0M
SCT Scout Security Ltd 0.04 -15.38% $5.2M 170.6k
TSO Plukka Ltd 0.02 -15.00% $6.2M 8.0M
ICN Icon Energy Ltd/Australia 0.006 -14.29% $3.6M 20.0k
HNR Hannans Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $11.9M 2.7M
EMT eMetals Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $4.6M 240.6k
EM1 Emerge Gaming Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $3.9M 2.3M
DW8 Digital Wine Ventures Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $6.9M 15.0M
CNJ Conico Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $2.3M 166.4k
ARM Aurora Minerals Ltd 0.006 -14.29% $1.4M 3.5M
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