On Stockhead today, can the construction industry sort its s..t out, Aussies are smashing cones like the world’s ending, and six changes that rocked Aussie property to its illogical core.

But first, the day ahead.

Local shares are set to open higher today. At 8am AEDT, the ASX 200 April futures is pointing up by over 1%.

In the US tonight we’ll see February pending home sales, March Univiersity of Michigan sentiment, and a bit more Fedspeak.

China will show us its Q4 current account balance, Europe its Feb M3 money supply and credit data, and for a bit of a laff, we’ll see some GfK consumer sentiment from the Old Country.

If all goes to plan, Pathify Holdings (ASX:PTH) will join the ASX. The tertiary education student online portal service provider has complete mobile/web parity with a native mobile app that allows for mobile push notifications. Or so it says.

Institutions are charged an annual licence fee based on student enrolment, the modules they subscribe for and the access they activate.

The company is focused on the US market. It raised $10m at $0.40.



The following companies went into trading halts yesterday, and are expected out in the next few days:

Blinking flip, there’s a lot of them too. People are trying to trade out here!

Westar Resources (ASX:WSR) – trading halt, pending an announcement regarding a material capital raise.

Invictus Energy Ltd (ASX:IVZ) – trading halt, pending an update in relation to an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Zimbabwe, relating to the Company’s SG 4571 Permit

3D Metalforge (ASX:3MF) – trading halt at the request of 3MF, pending an announcement regarding a material capital raise.

Tempest Minerals (ASX:TEM) – trading halt, pending an announcement by the Company regarding exploration results from the Meleya Project.

Desert Metals Limited (ASX:DM1) – trading halt, pending a capital raise.

Gascoyne Resources  (ASX: GCY) – trading halt, ‘for the purpose of considering, planning and executing a capital raising.’

Image Resources NL (ASX:IMA) – trading halt, pending an announcement regarding the outcome of a general meeting of shareholders to consider the composition of Image’s board of directors.

YPB Group Limited (ASX:YPB) – trading halt for the purposes of considering, planning and executing a capital raising.

Aston Minerals Limited (ASX: ASO) – trading halt, pending an announcement regarding a capital raising.

Infinity Mining Limited (ASX: IMI) – trading halt, pending material announcement regarding it’s project.


MARKETS (updated at 8am AEDT)

Gold: $US1,958.39 (+0.75%)

Silver: $US25.54 (+1.91%)

Oil (WTI): $US110.92 (-3.50%)

Oil (Brent): $US117 (-3.35%)

Aust Coking Coal (steelmaking): $599.30/t (-1.3%)

Newcastle Coal (thermal): $325.00/t (0.00%)

Iron 62pc Fe: $US149.63 (_0.04%)

AUD/USD: $US0.7510 (-0.04%)

Bitcoin: $US43,997 (+3.79%)


Readers still loving that moment when J Capital became a pumper:

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(Stocks highlighted in yellow rose after making announcements during the trading day).

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Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies (ASX:ROO) had a nice day. It received a nod from the USA design patent peeps, for its Heat Exchange Probe (HEP) technology which is designed to heat or cool plants substrates in pots, grow bags and soil.

“Our extensive R&D initiatives have proved the effectiveness and validated our technology so we can now securely sell the HEP into the large and lucrative market,” executive chairman and CEO Boaz Wachtel said. “The timing of the approval coincides perfectly with the establishment of our central US logistics hub, which we have begun to leverage and expedite sales opportunities from.”



(Stocks highlighted in yellow fell after making announcements during the trading day).

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Incannex is trading lower following its $125m takeover scrip deal for US biotech APIRx Pharmaceutical USA. It’s a mega move for Incannex – the biotech more a huge resource of active clinical and pre-clinical research and development projects focusing on prescription pharmaceutical cannabinoid medicines.

Shares in Icannex, which has a market capitalisation of well north of $810m, were lower in afternoon trade.

And Hawsons Iron was down sharply after the digger bought out Starlight’s remaining stake in its project near Broken Hill for $10m. Hawsons reckons there’s a 400 million tonne mineral resource waiting.

Now go on, get.