Durian fruit smells like rotten onions, sewerage, and old gym sock dialled up to 1000.

It’s so potent that it has been banned from the Singapore Rapid mass transit.

Maybe it’s time for a similar law in Australia, because firefighters just evacuated 550 people from the University of Canberra library following reports of “a strong smell of gas”.

The culprit? A piece of binned durian.

And it’s not the first time. Last year, a rotting durian left at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) university campus library also caused the evac of about 500 students and teachers.

Despite new tariffs being imposed on Chinese goods, there was nothing stinky about US share markets on Friday. Investors are still optimistic about a trade deal eventually being secured, Commsec says.

In local markets this morning the ASX Small Ords index is up 3.6 points to 2795.3 in morning trade.

Here are the key ASX small cap winners at lunchtime on Monday May 13:


High purity alumina explorers keep running. After delivering its first 5N product late last week, Pure Alumina (ASX:PUA) is now in the green for the third day in a row. As is King River (ASX:KRR), which recently produced HPA at 99.999% purity from its Speewah project in WA.

Vanadium play AVL (ASX:AVL) also jumped almost 30 per cent in morning trade after announcing a key deal with new generation battery hopeful UPS.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Monday May 13:

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TickerNamePrice% ChgMarket CapVolume
ZNOZOONO GROUP0.15599%$24,500,0002.6M
APGAUSTPAC RESOURCES0.001550%$4,300,000196.0K
PCHPROPERTY CONNECT0.00350%$2,100,0003.0M
VPRVOLT POWER GROUP0.001550%$12,400,00050.0K
PUAPURE ALUMINA0.06930%$11,600,0002.8M
HIPHIPO RESOURCES0.01330%$5,000,000118.7K
AVLAUSTRALIAN VANADIUM0.02328%$43,400,00021.3M
MGTMAGNETITE MINES0.00525%$3,700,000800.0K
4CEFORCE COMMODITIES0.01233%$4,200,0006.7M
QFYQUANTIFY TECHNOLOGY0.01122%$10,700,00075.2M
BIRBIR FINANCIAL0.1220%$9,600,00010.2K
DTRDATELINE RESOURCES0.00320%$23,900,0001.5M
VICVICTORY MINES0.00320%$3,700,0002.2M
KRRKING RIVER RESOURCES0.04117%$50,800,00011.0M
NORNORWOOD SYSTEMS0.003517%$5,800,0002.5M
BSXBLACKSTONE MINERALS0.0816%$9,000,000625.9K
AEIAERIS ENVIRONMENTAL0.2616%$50,800,000105.1K



LCT (ASX:LCT) has revealed a mixed bag of results around its Parkinson’s treatment, NTCELL.

In January, four-year results from the phase 1 and phase 2a studies showed it mostly worked and was safe.

But today, LCT stock plunged 40 per cent to 2.2c after sharing results from the middle group in its phase 2b study that showed people who had 40 capsules implanted in their brains showed no difference from the placebo.

Here are the worst performing ASX small cap stocks at lunchtime, Monday May 13:

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TickerNamePrice% ChgMarket CapVolume
CIOCONNECTED IO0.003-25%$5,400,000700.0k
CAVCARNAVALE RESOURCES0.004-20%$2,700,0001.4M
MRVMORETON RESOURCES0.005-17%$15,500,00024.0k
GMLGATEWAY MINING0.011-15%$11,900,0002.2M
TNOTANDO RESOURCES0.085-15%$16,600,000584.9k
SL1SYMBOL MINING 0.006-14%$4,300,0001.6m
ETEENTEK ENERGY0.006-14%$2,900,0006.4M
FYIFYI RESOURCES0.06-13%$11,800,00098.0k
AGEALLIGATOR ENERGY0.0035-13%$3,600,000833.3k
FSGFIELD SOLUTIONS HOLDINGS0.015-12%$6,500,000100.0k
CVVCARAVEL MINERALS0.04-11%$7,200,000185.0k
FPLFREMONT PETROLEUM0.008-11%$14,300,0003.8M
GALGALILEO MINING 0.17-10%$20,500,000345.0k