Let’s face it, nobody likes cockroaches, but blowing your backyard up seems a little extreme.

But that’s exactly what this guy did (unintentionally we’re guessing).

Guy blows up his back yard attempting to get rid of a cockroach problem
byu/AdmiralTallywacker ingifs

And after that the cockroaches probably survived.

Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. V-Con: Cybersecurity – Evolving Threats and Emerging Opportunities

As the global economy becomes ever more reliant on internet technology and network systems, so does the threat posed by cyber criminals.

That reality was made starkly evident as recently as last week, when hackers took control of multiple high-profile Twitter accounts as part of a cryptocurrency scam, forcing the platform to briefly shut down all verified accounts.

With more companies and organisations than ever before now mobilising their own networks to nullify the threat, the pivot to cybersecurity solutions is expected to foster further growth in a sector where product sales exceeded $US100bn ($140bn) in 2019.

Tune in if you missed it to hear several experts talk about the key attack points hackers use to gain access to private network systems, as well as the commercial opportunities for companies that provide cybersecurity solutions.


2. Scopo’s health powerplays: quick vaccine hits and cheap buys

The mere mention of a potential COVID-19 vaccine still has investors, and our readers, hooked.

Of course, it could also be the “cheap buys” that got people’s attention this week.

Regular Stockhead commentator Scott Power named three health stocks worthy of a mention. Keep reading if you want to know who the lucky three are.


3. Gold bulls still buying the dips as these explorers get closer to production

Gold… need I say more? This gold bull run has got more legs than a centipede, and we suspect there’s some very happy (and possibly very rich) investors out there right now.

The price of the precious metal is well on its way to beating the previous +$US1900 per ounce record it notched in 2011. In Aussie dollar terms it’s already the highest it’s ever been.

So it makes sense for us to look at the up and coming gold producers with interesting news.

Read on if you missed it.


4. What happened to the 50 hottest ASX small cap stocks of 2017?

We all know how much our readers can’t go past a good Derek Zoolander ‘Blue Steel’ pose.

Aside from that, we also know how much readers love a good ‘where are they now’ story.

So this week Reuben Adams decided to see just what has happened to the Top 50 ASX small cap stocks of 2017.

Interesting year that one… Donald Trump won office, need I say more. Check out if the hottest stocks of 2017 have had better luck than the US.


5. Guy on Rocks: This Alaska-focused gold play is worth watching

This week resident Stockhead expert Guy Le Page runs the ruler over a gold explorer trying to make it big in Alaska.

You can’t go past a junior explorer right next door to a major producing gold mine.

Although there has been little interest in gold exploration in North America, that looks like it could be about to change, and this ASX small cap has “impeccable” timing, according to Le Page.

Find out who this hot stock is.


6. RockTalk: The road to a million ounces

With gold being all the rage right now, investors definitely want to know just who is heading towards 1 million ounces.

This week Peter Strachan chatted with Middle Island Resources (ASX:MDI), Kingwest Resources (ASX:KWR) and Musgrave Minerals (ASX:MGV).

The group discusses their respective gold exploration efforts, projects, newfound discoveries and plans for the year ahead.


7. These 6 stocks have gained +1000pc since markets bottomed in March

The post-COVID period has been unlike anything seen previously following a disastrous economic punch in the gut. Markets have been off the charts crazy.

Since the ASX bottomed out on March 23, the average ASX stock has gained 85 per cent and only 181 out of 2,108 sit in negative territory.

Thirty stocks have gained 500 per cent or more and six have gained over 1000 per cent.

Nick Sundich lists off these stellar performers.


8. Zero to Hero: How Pro Medicus became a $2.7bn ASX200 stock without raising a cent

Radiology software stock Pro Medicus (ASX:PME) was once a small cap trading for only around 50c a share. Fast forward to today and it is now worth almost $25 a share — a gain of over 5,000 per cent.

And the company managed to attain ASX200 status without raising a cent from investors. Impressive.

Find out how Pro Medicus became a success after realising computers would one day be big in medicine.


9. More evidence retail investors have raced into the post-COVID market rally

Like we said earlier: markets be crazy!

And all the evidence points to an increasing number of retail investors racing into the post-COVID market rally.

Analysing traffic from its own site, Investing.com said the number of Australian-based users rose from 420,000 in February to more than 800,000 through March and April, where they stayed until the end of the June quarter.

Sam Jacobs gives readers the lowdown on just why retail investors are flocking to the markets.


10. The Secret Broker: Bundaberg Rum turns into Bundaberg Run!

This week’s yarn from TSB involves Bundaberg Rum, a sugar cane farmer’s son that made it big in the merchant banking world and something called ‘Crack Cocaine Financing’.

Never a dull moment!

Happy reading!