Since the ASX bottomed out on March 23, the average ASX stock has gained 85 per cent and only 181 out of 2,108 sit in negative territory.

While most rose after a sharp decline over the proceeding five weeks, many stocks have gone above and beyond their pre-COVID states.

Thirty stocks have gained 500 per cent or more and six have gained over 1000 per cent.

Code Name Price 23 March Price 20 July % Return Market Cap
SZL SEZZLE INC-CDI 0.370 6.450 1643 $1.3B
SE1 SENSERA LTD 0.004 0.063 1475 $20.0M
PDI PREDICTIVE DISCOVERY LTD 0.006 0.077 1201 $65.1M
MCT METALICITY LTD 0.002 0.022 1169 $31.1M
OPY OPENPAY GROUP LTD 0.320 3.880 1113 $403.4M
AUT AUTECO MINERALS LTD 0.014 0.160 1043 $242.9M
TYM TYMLEZ GROUP LTD 0.013 0.125 862 $30.7M
YOJ YOJEE LTD 0.012 0.100 729 $92.7M
MHC MANHATTAN CORP LTD 0.003 0.024 700 $31.8M
KAI KAIROS MINERALS LTD 0.005 0.036 671 $50.6M
APT AFTERPAY LTD 8.900 67.735 661 $18.7B
UUL ULTIMA UNITED LTD 0.016 0.120 650 $2.9M
MGV MUSGRAVE MINERALS LTD 0.075 0.555 640 $259.2M
RGL RIVERSGOLD LTD 0.009 0.066 633 $20.0M
GTR GTI RESOURCES LTD 0.004 0.029 625 $16.3M
DW8 DIGITAL WINE VENTURES LTD 0.005 0.034 580 $35.3M
SPT SPLITIT PAYMENTS LTD 0.215 1.450 574 $515.7M
FZO FAMILY ZONE CYBER SAFETY LTD 0.065 0.435 569 $134.3M
CY5 CYGNUS GOLD LTD 0.030 0.200 567 $14.9M
CCZ CASTILLO COPPER LTD 0.006 0.040 567 $37.2M
AWV ANOVA METALS LTD 0.004 0.029 559 $36.2M
ADV ARDIDEN LTD 0.002 0.013 550 $23.2M
AL8 ALDERAN RESOURCES LTD 0.017 0.110 547 $29.8M
NVX NOVONIX LTD 0.158 0.995 528 $338.0M
CTM CENTAURUS METALS LTD 0.075 0.465 520 $125.5M
MTC METALSTECH LTD 0.036 0.220 511 $29.0M
3DP POINTERRA LTD 0.019 0.115 505 $82.9M
SHH SHREE MINERALS LTD 0.001 0.006 500 $3.6M
CRO CIRRALTO LTD 0.002 0.012 500 $9.9M
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Three of the six 10-baggers are gold

The group of six is 50 per cent gold stocks and 50 per cent tech stocks.

It has been a spectacular year for the gold sector overall with rocketing prices and numerous exploration success stories fuelling almost all companies.

The average gold stock is up 71 per cent in 12 months and a staggering 169 per cent since March 23.

But there are three which stand head and shoulders above their peers.

West Africa-focused Predictive Discovery (ASX:PDI) is in top spot having never looked back since its company-making gold discovery.

Auteco Minerals (ASX:AUT) has likewise hardly put a foot wrong since buying a 1.5-million-ounce Canadian gold project called Pickle Crow in January.

Rounding out the gold stocks was Metalicity (ASX:MCT) which, like Predictive, has had exploration success at its Western Australian project.



The other three stocks are tech stocks.

Minneapolis headquartered Sezzle (ASX:SZL) is the biggest gainer in four months, up 1643 per cent. Openpay (ASX:OPY) is in fifth spot with a 1113 per cent surge.

Both stocks only listed last year and along with their peers have taken off as buy now, pay later (BNPL) has come into its own thanks to COVID-19.

Internet of Things (IoT) tracking tech company Sensera Limited (ASX:SE1) is the odd one out.

After a poor start to the year when it reported the loss or deferral of several orders it has turned things around.

It witnessed solid revenue growth in the last quarter and won a major contract with US tech firm Triton Systems to utilise its technology.