It turns out Wimbledon organisers were better prepared for a pandemic than any government.

Who knew planning ahead worked… and that insurance companies actually paid out?

Now here’s what you might have missed on Stockhead this week, but everyone else didn’t, and liked the most.


1. Stock Talk: TeleHealth in a COVID-19 world and beyond

Our new video series, Stock Talk, featuring a roundtable of experts discussing a new investment topic each week was a big hit with Stockhead fans.

The first topic on the agenda was telehealth – and with the current COVID-19 induced isolation making it hard for people to get out and see medical professionals, this particular sector is booming.

Populating the experts panel this week is David Groberman, CEO and co-founder of HeraMED (ASX:HMD), Marjan Mikel, CEO and managing director of Respiri (ASX:RSH) and Jason Waller, CEO and managing director of InteliCare.

Tune in if you missed it the first time, or watch it again if you just really loved it that much!


2. The online learning revolution: temporary fix or long-term solution?

As with any crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has left some sectors battling to survive, while others pivot to take advantage of forced changes in demand.

Among the winners and losers, the cohort of ASX-listed small-caps developing products in education technology (edtech) have caught the market’s attention in recent weeks.

But the $64m question is: is this just COVID-19 induced or will this be the new norm for education? Let me check my crystal ball….

Or better still, let’s ask the experts. Sam Jacobs did just that and here’s what they had to say.


3. Kalgoorlie holds the promise of deep gold riches for those willing to ‘play detective’

Everyone knows Kalgoorlie has gold coming out the wazoo – I mean where else is there a massive mine called the ‘Super Pit’ smack bang in the middle of town.

You’d think with all the gold the region has produced in the past, there’d be none left, but that definitely is not the case with many explorers in the area still striking it rich.

Find out who these lucky sods are – Bevis Yeo has all the info.


4. Tech will bounce back faster than ‘older’ sectors, says Alex Waislitz

Well known investor Alex Waislitz believes the tech sector could be better placed for a rebound than its “old economy peers”.

He shared his view in a shareholder update this week, expressing his belief that the tech sector will benefit as the world changes due to both government imposition and the personal drive of entrepreneurs.

Waislitz stopped short of calling the bottom of the market, but did put forward some potentially juicy stock picks that look as though they are holding strong in this pandemic-crazed market.


5. COVID-19 means more people are having food and booze home delivered — and these small cap stocks will benefit

Tech may be better placed for a rebound, but the food and booze home delivery craze spurred on by this mass isolation event is certainly seeing a number of players cash in right now.

As Reuben Adams so eloquently put it: “a tsunami of consumers will get food and drink delivered to their front door as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic”.

The smaller online home delivery stocks are already doing pretty well in the current environment. For example Marley Spoon (ASX:MMM), a company that supplies meal kits to your front door, had been down 83 per cent since its 2018 IPO.

But then whammo! COVID-19 hits and by March the stock had jumped 208 per cent.

Read about the more interesting U-turns made by some of these home delivery experts.


6. UBS on one of the toughest questions facing investors: How far do stocks still have to fall?

There are probably a lot of tough questions facing investors right now, but the one at the top of everyone’s minds would definitely be: how far do stocks still have to fall?

I’m not sure we really want to know *cringe*

The dual outlook means investors are facing some difficult questions in the months ahead, and the global economics team at UBS attempted to answer some of them in a recent research report.


7. RockTalk: WA gold takeover targets and gold’s role in the COVID-19 era

Just like our Stock Talk series, RockTalk also made it into our top 10 this week.

In this first edition, host Peter Strachan discusses all things gold with a panel of WA gold stocks likely to be on the radar of the majors.

Populating our resources expert panel this week is Ian Bamborough, managing director of Saturn Metals (ASX:STN), Nick Castleden, managing director of Apollo Consolidated (ASX:AOP) and Simon Lill, executive chairman of De Grey Mining (ASX:DEG).

Tune in for more.


8. World’s largest uranium miner mothballs all mines for 3 months, small caps rally

Nothing like a uranium heavyweight shutting down its entire cohort of mines to provide some excitement around the sector.

After all, the industry has been eagerly waiting for some severe shifts in demand and cuts in production to help drive up the price of the nuclear fuel.

And investors got a wee bit excited about the potential for some small caps that are moving towards production or that have mines they can restart when the price is right.


9. The pandemic could be a watershed moment for wellness products

Not all change associated with a pandemic is bad. One thing that could potentially change for the better as a result of COVID-19 is people taking a more proactive approach to their healthcare.

That’s a good thing, right? And good news for the wellness players – you know the guys who make vitamins and probiotic drinks etc?

They are already pretty big markets, but they look like they’re only going to get bigger as people do whatever they can to ward off COVID-19 and any other nasties.


10. How millennials are investing during the COVID-19 crisis

Interestingly, these so-called “millennials” may think they know how to invest, but do they really?

Millennials are more educated about stocks and investing than their predecessors were 12 years ago when the global financial crisis hit, but some think they know more than they do, says Dale Gillham, chief analyst of financial services company Wealth Within.

And with many having never experienced an economic crisis before, it seems their investment strategies are ranging from panicked “dump and run” to head-in-the-sand conservative.

See what other insights Gillam has provided on just how millennials are investing right now.

Wishing all our readers a safe and happy Easter!