RockTalk is a new Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of resources experts discussing a new topic each week. In this first edition, host Peter Strachan discusses all things gold with a panel of WA gold stocks likely to be on the radar of the majors.

Populating our resources expert panel this week is Ian Bamborough, managing director of Saturn Metals (ASX:STN), Nick Castleden, managing director of Apollo Consolidated (ASX:AOP) and Simon Lill, executive chairman of De Grey Mining (ASX:DEG).

The panel discusses a wide range of topics including the value of having solid shareholder support in a market where M&A is running hot, gold’s changing role in coronavirus impacted markets and the possible gains from reworking shallow low-grade gold resources to incorporate high-grade zones at depth.

So tune in above to hear the panel answer these questions and more.