Stockhead’s Top 10 at 10, published at 10.15am each trading day, highlights the best (and worst) performing ASX small caps in morning trade using live data.

It’s a short, sharp update to help frame the trading day by showing the biggest movers in percentage terms.

The market opens at 10am (eastern time) and the data is taken at 10:15am, once every ASX stock has commenced trading.

Stocks highlighted in yellow have made market-moving announcements (click headings to sort).


Code Name Price % Volume
BAT Battery Minerals Ltd 0.021 50 27171391
MNB Minbos Resources Ltd 0.003 50 333557
CCE Carnegie Cln Energy 0.002 33 1500000
PKO Peako Limited 0.042 27 4368442
HCD Hydrocarbon Dynamic 0.045 25 550783
VAL Valor Resources Ltd 0.005 25 2000000
AHL Ahalife Holdings Ltd 0.008 23 1190718
CHK Cohiba Min Ltd 0.017 21 9238514
DOU Douugh Limited 0.265 20 33429271
NOR Norwood Systems Ltd. 0.035 17 421000
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Battery Minerals (ASX:BAT) rose after confirming it had been formally granted its exploration license for a tenement in Western Victoria. The tenement is near Stavely Minerals’ (ASX:SVY) Gossan copper discovery.

Peako (ASX:PKO) also climbed after a tenement update. It increased its total interest in the Eastman tenant in northern WA to 100 per cent.

In tech, Norwood Systems (ASX:NOR) announced Spark NZ had officially launched Norwood’s voicemail solution to its customers


Code Company Price % Volume
SKN Skin Elements Ltd 0.042 -48 5060396
PCL Pancontinental Oil 0.001 -33 500000
CGB Cann Global Limited 0.006 -25 44266425
CLZ Classic Min Ltd 0.0015 -25 3315030
PSL Paterson Resources 0.003 -25 5522392
MPH Mediland Pharm 0.1 -20 24000
MLS Metals Australia 0.002 -20 125000
IDZ Indoor Skydive Aust 0.012 -14 1321689
TPD Talon Petroleum Ltd 0.003 -14 175000
SYA Sayona Mining Ltd 0.009 -10 132396
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Skin Elements (ASX:SKN) plunged after being reinstated to trading for the first time in 5 months.

The company had finally satisfied the ASX about a number of queries it had and also gave shareholders a company update.