Special report: Alzheimer’s fighter Actinogen Medical (ASX:ACW) has taken another step forward in the development of its novel Alzheimer’s treatment Xanamem, opening up five new study sites in the US.

The company expects this will accelerate patient enrolment into its clinical trial XanADu, which is now expected to complete enrolment this year.

The company’s study, XanADu, is a Phase II trial assessing the safety and effectiveness of Xanaman in the treatment of patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has shown that persistently raised levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) in the brain is associated with the development and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Xanamen has been specifically designed to reduce chronically raised cortisol levels in the brain, and it is thought that by doing so, it could treat the symptoms of early stage Alzheimer’s and potentially even slow down the progression of the disease.

The company says opening these new trial sites in the US makes sense as the US has shown the most promising patient enrolment numbers so far and has the largest potential number of patients interested in Alzheimer’s drug treatment trials.

There are now 25 XanADu clinical trial sites across Australia, the US and the UK.

Actinogen is planning to enrol 174 patients into the study, with 118 patients already enrolled to date.

The company is on track to complete enrolment by the end of the year, with these new sites accelerating the enrolment process towards the expected reporting of top-line results by the second quarter of 2019.

Actinogen Medical Chief Executive Dr Bill Ketelbey said the new sites have already started screening prospective trial patients, many of whom are expected to be enrolled into the study within the next month.


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