ASX Small Cap Winners Aug 17-24

Wireless communications provider Etherstack (ESK) more than doubled this week after reporting a positive outlook.

Sydney-based Etherstack — which focuses on public safety, defence and mining — is expecting “improved financial results with both positive EBITDA earnings and positive operating cashflow” for the June half.

The shares put on 123 per cent to 24.5c valuing the company at $22 million.

“Repeat government orders for our mission critical solutions combined with new sales of our cutting edge tactical communications products are having a lasting positive effect on our financials,” said boss David Deacon.

IPB Patroleum (ASX:IPB) was enjoying the halo affect of Santo’s $3 billion bid for Quadrant on Thursday.

The stock closed up 132 per cent for the week — and attracted an ASX query along the way.

Quickly came the reply: “IPB notes Quadrant Energy and Carnarvon Petroleum’s recent Dorado oil discovery offshore north-western Australia located in the basin just south of where IPB’s offshore permits are located, and also the $2.15 billion  acquisition of Quadrant Energy by Santos.”

IPB boss Brendan Brown told Stockhead: “I think we’re in a positive phase of the cycle now.

“Ultimately the biggest litmus test is the oil price. You’ve also got very strong domestic gas prices and under-investment for almost five years, so it’s creating a bit of a perfect storm.”

The stock closed at 7.2c on Friday compared to 3.1c a week earlier.

IPB Petroleum shares (ASX:IPB) have doubled this week
IPB Petroleum shares (ASX:IPB) more than doubled this week

Cancer fighter ImpediMed (ASX:IPD) recovered this week after early data from its latest trial showed that its technology was “very sensitive” when it comes to finding small amounts of fluid after breast cancer treatments.

The trial was testing for lymphoedema, or swelling caused by fluids. Women who have had surgery or radiotherapy for breast cancer are particularly susceptible.

Earlier this year the stock fell 75 per cent from a one-year high of $1.07 in January to a low of 26c following the release of preliminary data.

But the improved outlook moved the stock ahead 66 per cent to 48c this week.

High-tech anti-counterfeiter YPB (ASX:YPB) improved by 70 per cent this week after perfecting a smartphone app that can be used by anyone to identify fake goods.

YPB already markets a handheld device that can authenticate genuine products based on an invisible mark.

Now the “ProtectCode” app will allow an everyday smartphone to do the same.

The stock made it to 3.4c — up from 2c the previous week.

Online furniture seller Temple & Webster (ASX:TPW) jumped 31 per cent after (almost) breaking even for the year.

The e-tailer reported a full-year loss of $21,000 — a big turnaroud from the $7.7 million loss reported last year.

Revenue jumped 12.6 per cent to $72.6 million.

The stock landed at $1 on Friday compared to 76.5c seven days earlier.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Aug 17-24:

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ASX code Company This week's price change Price Aug 24 Market Cap
AKF ASK FUNDING 1.77272727273 0.061 4.0M
IPB IPB PETROLEUM LI 1.32258064516 0.072 9.8M
ESK ETHERSTACK-CDI 1.22727272727 0.245 21.8M
YPB YPB GROUP 0.7 0.034 12.6M
IPD IMPEDIMED 0.655172413793 0.48 170.5M
WLF WOLF MINERALS 0.578947368421 0.06 60.0M
FE8 FASTER ENTERPRIS 0.56 0.039 4.1M
T3D 333D 0.5 0.003 2.6M
4DS 4DS MEMORY 0.494252873563 0.13 110.9M
9SP 9 SPOKES INTERNA 0.45 0.058 26.7M
PEC PERPETUAL RESOUR 0.428571428571 0.02 3.4M
GBZ GBM RESOURCES 0.4 0.007 7.4M
CYQ CYCLIQ GROUP 0.333333333333 0.012 9.4M
SUP SUPERIOR LAKE RE 0.333333333333 0.04 23.8M
SYS SYNGAS 0.333333333333 0.004 2.4M
PGS PLANET GAS 0.333333333333 0.004 2.2M
MDX MINDAX 0.333333333333 0.016 9.9M
OTW OVER THE WIRE HO 0.331395348837 4.58 193.8M
MWR MGM WIRELESS 0.316666666667 2.37 26.7M
TPW TEMPLE & WEBSTER 0.307189542484 1 117.4M
FGF FIRST GROWTH FUN 0.3 0.013 21.2M
QTM QUANTUM ENERGY L 0.294117647059 0.022 23.7M
ZYB ZYBER HOLDINGS L 0.285714285714 0.009 4.6M
SWJ STONEWALL RESOUR 0.285714285714 0.009 24.3M
JRV JERVOIS MINING 0.285714285714 0.36 78.4M
RND RAND MINING 0.279620853081 2.7 162.4M
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ASX Small Cap Losers Aug 17-24

Shareholders gave media monitor iSentia (ASX:ISD) a walloping this week, sending the stock down 46 per cent after a dividend cut, poor results and subdued outlook.

“Isentia’s board has decided not to pay a final dividend [for FY18],” the group said.

“The capital management decision was taken to conserve cash and provide greater investment flexibility for future growth with priorities including product development and debt reduction.

Full-year results were disappointing.

Revenue dropped 11.6 per cent to $137 million. EBITDA earnings fell 31 per cent to $28.6 million.

The stock closed at 42c down from 78.5c a week earlier.

Here are the best performing ASX small cap stocks for Aug 17-24:

Swipe or scroll to reveal the full table. Click on headings to sort

ASX code Company This week's price change Price Aug 24 Market Cap
WCN WHITE CLIFF MINE -0.5 0.001 5.8M
EUZ EUROPA METALS -0.5 0.001 5.6M
BPH BPH ENERGY -0.5 0.001 966.2k
BDI BLINA MINERALS N -0.5 0.001 6.5M
AJC ACACIA COAL -0.5 0.001 4.0M
CAF CENTREPOINT ALLI -0.472222222222 0.19 36.1M
ISD ISENTIA GROUP -0.471337579618 0.415 90.0M
CIO CONNECTED IO -0.375 0.005 3.6M
BMG BMG RESOURCES -0.357142857143 0.009 3.9M
WGL WANGLE TECHNOLOG -0.333333333333 0.002 5.2M
VPR VOLT POWER GROUP -0.333333333333 0.002 24.7M
SHK STONE RESOURCES -0.333333333333 0.002 1.6M
SBU SIBURAN RESOURCE -0.333333333333 0.002 1.4M
MRD MOUNT RIDLEY MIN -0.333333333333 0.002 3.0M
DDT DATADOT TECHNOLO -0.333333333333 0.002 1.6M
AL8 ALDERAN RESOURCE -0.291666666667 0.34 39.5M
4CE FORCE COMMODITIE -0.289473684211 0.027 11.8M
SIV SILVER CHEF -0.289198606272 2.04 82.1M
RNX RENEGADE EXPLORA -0.285714285714 0.005 3.6M
VII VIETNAM INDUS IN -0.283333333333 0.215 30.6M
DCL DOMACOM -0.282828282828 0.071 8.3M
ARQ ARQ GROUP -0.274509803922 2.22 254.8M
OEX OILEX -0.25 0.003 6.0M
FRX FLEXIROAM -0.25 0.045 13.4M
ARO ASTRO RESOURCES -0.25 0.003 2.7M
BRL BATHURST RESOURC -0.241379310345 0.11 175.6M
WLD WELLARD -0.238095238095 0.08 38.8M
KSS KLEOS SPACE (listed Fri) -0.2 0.16 1.3M
KWR KINGWEST RESOURCES (listed Fri) -0.075 0.185 1.8M
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