With daylight saving hitting on the weekend, summer is coming if it’s not here already. This leaves a tough choice.

Do you hold a stock hoping it’ll grow? Or do you cash out and spend on…whatever you couldn’t do during winter, like a surfboard or perhaps an outfit for the races?

This week there were 23 directors that traded more than $100,000 of stocks — $20.8 million between them. Among the traders was a trio and three couples. The trio consisted of Liontown Resources’ (ASX: LTR) Timothy Goyder, Steven Chadwick and Anthony Cipriano. They bought $1.3 million between them in a placement, although Goyder trumped them all buying $1.1 million.

The lithium miner has been one of the most successful mining stocks in 2019 having stumbled across one of Australia’s biggest lithium deposits. It has raised $18 million to advance its project.

Among the couples were Phoslock Environmental Technologies (ASX: PET) directors Ningping Ma and Zhigang Zhang who sold over $10 million between them. While no reason was given on this occasion, the board said last month a fund manager wanted to buy in and sold $35 million between them.

Simble Solutions’ (ASX: SIS) Phillip Tye and Fadi Geha bought $100,000 each and PINCHme.com’ (ASX: PIN) Jeremy Reid and Walter Pisciotta bought $549,214 between them. What does a company with a name like that do, you might ask? We’ll let them tell the story.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
MGX Mt Gibson Iron Lee Seng Hui Buy 24 September-26 September 774464 $577,212 On market
SDG Sunland Goup Sahba Abedian Buy 27 September 300,000 $496,500 On market
KYK Kyckr Robert Leslie Sell 25 September 3,000,000 $853,094 On market
SIS Simble Solutions Phillip Tye Buy 24 September 2,000,000 $100,000 Placement
SIS Simble Solutions Fadi Geha Buy 24 September 2,000,000 $100,000 Placement
OMH OM Holdings Low Ngee Tony Buy 27 September 521,000 $234,333 On market
LTR Liontown Resources Timothy Goyder Buy 27 September 9,166,666 $1,100,000 Placement
LTR Liontown Resources Steven Chadwick Buy 27 September 833,333 $100,000 Placement
LTR Liontown Resources Anthony Cipriano Buy 27 September 833,333 $100,000 Placement
CMM Capricorn Metals Myles Ertzen Buy 30 September 2,592,220 $414,755 Placement
ERL Empire Resources Michael Ruane Buy 24 September 1,600,000 $158,000 On market
AX1 Accent Group Michael Hapgood Sell 1 October 322,310 $549,385 On market
EGH Eureka Group Holdings Lachlan McIntosh Sell 25 September 6,700,138 $1,943,040 Off market
MNF MNF Group Andy Fung Sell 1 October 487,383 $2,482,171 On market
IDX Integral Diagnostics Helen Kurincic Buy 30 September 71,214 $192,990 Rights Issue
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Ningping Ma Sell 3 October 1,646,802 $2,206,714 Off market
PET Phoslock Environmental Technologies Zhigang Zhang Sell 3 October 5,859,515 $7,865,150 Off market
NWM Norwest Minerals Yew Fei Chee Buy 2 October 1,666,667 $250,000 Rights Issue
PIN PINCHme.com Jeremy Reid Buy 27 September 2,301,459 $230,146 Rights Issue
PIN PINCHme.com Walter Pisciotta Buy 27 September 3,190,675 $319,068 Rights Issue
ARQ ARQ Group Karl Siegling Buy 30 September 300,000 $112,873 On market
LBL Laserbond Gregory Hooper Sell 2 October 236,000 $181,154 On market
VIP Voltage IP Wee Min Chen Sell 1 October 9,400,000 $271,660 Off market
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Who went solo?

That still left 14 directors who traded solo. The biggest trade came from telco MNF Group (ASX: MNF) director Andy Fund who sold $2.5 million. But he still owns 18.5 per cent of the company and is easily the largest holder.

On the other hand, the next biggest solo trader, Lachlan McIntosh from senior community builder Eureka Group (ASX: EGH), sold $1.9 million — all of his shares according to the 3Y notice filed with the ASX.

And since one of Australia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs Richard White invested in Kyckr (ASX: KYK), other investors followed his lead. But Robert Leslie went the other way: he sold $853,094.

Among buyers this week, Mt Gibson Iron (ASX: MGX) director Lee Seng Hui bought $577,212 of shares across multiple transactions. He also splashed out $1.5 million in the company’s dividend reinvestment plan.

Capricorn Metals (ASX: CMM) director Myles Ertzen bought $414,755 while Empire Resources (ASX: ERL) director Michael Ruane spent $158,000.