The fortnight prior to Christmas saw over 30 ASX company directors make trades in their company’s shares of $100,000 or more – most of them buys.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
MDV Medical Developments International David Williams Sell 14 December 154,000 $1,001,000 Off market
KPG Kelly & Partners Brett Kelly Sell 10 December 70,137 $117,711 On market
MIL Millennial Services Group Roger Smeed Sell 10 December 250,000 $130,000 On market
FGL Frugl Group Jonathan Wild Buy 14 December 4,000,000 $120,000 Placement
AUR Aurelia Metals Colin Johnstone Buy 10 December 250,000 $107,500 Rights Issue
CKF Collins Foods Kevin Perkins Buy 15 December 100,000 $1,001,538 On market
EOF Ecofibre Eric Wang Buy 11 December 350,000 $745,183 On market
TGH Terragen Sam Brougham Buy 14 December 457,102 $143,381 On market
MR1 Montem Resources Robert Tindall Buy 15 December 500,000 $112,500 On market
OML oOh!media Brendon Cook Sell 16 December 455,072 $811,273 On market
IRD Iron Road Ian Hume Buy 17 December 844,906 $118,287 Rights Issue
IRD Iron Road Peter Cassidy Buy 17 December 1,241,424 $173,799 Rights Issue
VIP VIP Gloves Wee Min Chen Buy 16 December 1,740,000 $133,980 On market
JMS Jupiter Mines Priyank Thapliyal Buy 17 December 2,000,000 $545,500 On market
IMU Imugene Axel Hoos Sell 11 Decmber 3,000,000 $345,300 On market
ELS Elsight Howard Digby Buy 15 December 256,170 $115,277 Rights Issue
SIH Sihayo Gold Gavin Caudle Buy 18 December 20,000,000 $500,000 Placement
PLT Plenti Daniel Foggo Buy 18 December 126,224 $131,981 On market
PLT Plenti Susan Forrester Buy 18 December 200,000 $205,128 On market
WCG Webcentral Joe Gangi Buy 18 December 2,941,176 $500,000 Placement
WCG Webcentral Joseph Demase Buy 18 December 11,764,706 $2,000,000 Placement
RHP Rhipe Dominic O'Hanlon Buy 18 December 100,000 $170,580 On market
RNO Rhinomed Ron Dewhurst Buy 21 December 1,000,000 $180,000 On market
ATC Altech Chemicals Tunku Yaacob Khyra Buy 18 December 65,595,864 $2,623,835 Rights Issue
TEK Thorney Technologies Alex Waislitz Buy 21 December 5,698,829 $1,994,590 Placement
SYR Syrah Resources James Askew Buy 21 December 120,000 $108,600 On market
APZ Aspen Clive Appleton Buy 21 December 340,000 $401,200 On market
TSL Titanium Sands Lee Christensen Buy 22 December 10,000,000 $253,000 Off market
ARV Artemis Resources Alastair Clayton Buy 22 December 1,000,000 $120,000 On market
VAN Vango Mining Yanchao Guo Buy 22 December 5,440,000 $359,040 On market
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The 5 $1m+ ASX directors’ trades right before Christmas

Four buys and one sale were above $1 million. The sale came from outgoing Medical Developments International (ASX:MVP) chairman David Williams who sold off market to his successor Gordon Naylor – a former CSL (ASX:CSL) executive.

Altech Chemicals’ (ASX:ATC) Tunku Yaacob Kyrra took the cake, investing $2.6 million in his company’s rights issue.

Following behind were Webcentral’s (ASX:WCG) Joseph Demase who bought $2 million in a placement and Thorney Technologies’ (ASX:TEK) Alex Waislitz who bought just under $2 million.

Rounding out the list was Kevin Perkins hailing from restaurant owner Collins Foods (ASX:CKF). He bought just over $1 million on market.


The other buyers

Among the other buys was Priyank Thapliyal from Jupiter Mines (ASX:JMS) who bought $545,000 on market – just a month after his colleague Brian Gilbertson bought $2.7 million.

Still on resources and Sihayo Gold (ASX:SIH) Gavin Caudle bought $500,000 in his company’s placement while James Askew, chairman of one of the ASX’s larger graphite stocks in Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR), bought just over $100,000 on market.

Daniel Foggo and Susan Forrester from fintech lender Plenti (ASX:PLT) bought $131,891 and $205,128 of shares respectively, despite their company being one of the few IPOs not to do well in 2020.

Eric Wang from Ecofibre (ASX:EOF), one of the largest cannabis stocks and one of the few in hemp, bought $745,183 on market.


The sales

Moving on to sales made in ASX shares by company directors just before Christmas, the next largest – after David Williams’ $1m+ trade – was Brendon Cook from oOh!media (ASX:OML) who sold just over $800,000 in shares.

Cook’s company was heavily hit by companies cutting expenditure on advertising but it told shareholders earlier this month things were looking up as consumers exited lockdowns.

Cook founded the company in 1989 and began this year by announcing he was stepping back.

He then opted to delay this during COVID-19 but in September announced he’d be handing the reigns to former Nova CEO Cathy O’Connor next year.

Next was Axel Hoos of Sydney biotech company Imugene (ASX:IMU) who parted with $345,300 in shares.

The two other sellers were Kelly & Partners’ (ASX:KPG) Brett Kelly and Millennial Services (ASX:MIL) Roger Smeed who both sold just over $100,000 each.