The change from one financial year to the next saw several ASX company directors sell to pay forthcoming tax bills but also purchases as directors betted on the future.

Code Company Director Change Date Volume $ What
LGL Lynch Group Patrick Elliott Buy 6-7 April & 15 June 203,830 $736,343 On market
ALT Analytica Michael Monsour Buy 18 June 214,285,714 $750,000 Placement
CE1 Calima Energy Glenn Whiddon Buy 23 June 19,198,870 $153,591 On market
CG1 Carbonxt Group Matthew Driscoll Buy 22 June 726,434 $108,965 Rights Issue
CYM Cyprium Metals Nicholas Rowley Buy 25 June 385,000 $102,025 SPP
MLT Milton Corporation BJ O'Dea Buy 25 June 114,000 $661,177 SPP
CUV Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Brenda Shanahan Sell 24 June 25,000 $691,771 On market
FRI Finbar Group Ronald Chan Buy 28 June 1,500,395 $1,260,332 Off market
G1A Galena Mining Adrian Byass Sell 23 June 1,000,000 $200,000 On market
UCM Uscom Robert Phillips Buy 28 June 644,627 $102,293 On market
MBH Maggie Beer Reginald Weine Buy 28 June 500,000 $175,000 Capital raising
AWN AWN Holdings Kevin Tser Fah Chin Buy 29 Jun 150,000 $135,970 Off market
LKE Lake Resources Steve Promnitz Sell 29 June 10,000,000 $2,800,000 Off market
COB Cobalt Blue Josef Kaderavek Buy 30 June 395,370 $107,226 On market
JLG John Lyng Group Scott Didier Sell 23 June 3,000,000 $13,200,000 Off market
FIJ Fiji Kava Zane Yoshida Sell 30 June 1,750,000 $174,650 On and off market
MNY Money3 Scott Baldwin Sell 30 June 100,000 $325,000 On market
VUL Vulcan Gavin Rezos Buy 30 June 38,461 $249,997 Placement
BRN Brainchip Peter Van Der Made Sell 23-30 June 5,458,106 $3,323,768 On market
PLS Pilbara Minerals Kenneth Brinsden Sell 30 June 4,000,000 $5,711,275 On market
PSC Prospect Resources Mark Wheatley Buy 30 June 645,162 $100,000 Placement
STG Straker Translations Grant Straker Sell 30 June 1,100,000 $2,090,000 On market
TYR Tyro Payments David Fite Sell 28 June 787,086 $2,832,168 On market
CUV Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Phillipe Wolgen Sell 30 June 122,675 $3,748,583 On market
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Big buying directors

Many of the buyers came from companies that had made solid returns in FY21.

After a return of over 75 per cent in 12 months, Maggie Beer’s (ASX:MBH) Reginald Wayne bought $175,000 in a capital raising.

Battery metals aspirant Vulcan (ASX:VUL) meanwhile netted over 1,400 per cent and chairman Gavin Rezos chipped in $249,997 in a placement.

BJ O’Dea from Milton Corporation (ASX:MLT) chipped $102,025 into a share purchase plan for his company even though a takeover offer is pending for his fund management company.

One company that listed in FY21 is Lynch Group (ASX:LGL) which revealed that director Patrick Elliott made over $700,000 of on market purchases in June as well as in April when it first listed.

The floral company was one of FY21’s biggest listings and after initially dropping on debut, has regained lost ground since upgrading its guidance from prospectus forecasts.

One of the ASX’s smaller companies is medtech Analytica (ASX:ALT) and Michael Monsour bought $750,000 in a placement.

Being a microcap stock with a share price under half a cent per share, Analytica shares have been volatile in recent months but the company received a major boost in March after obtaining registration in China.


Directors who sold to pay tax bills or other obligations

The turnover of financial years means the clock starts ticking to settle with the ATO and it is common to see a large number of sales for directors to meet these obligations.

Only one explicitly mentioned the “t” word in Straker Translations (ASX:STG) director Grant Straker who sold just over $2 million off market.

Steve Promnitz from Lake Resources (ASX:LKE) sold $2.8 million to manage “short term financial obligations”. The trade was an off-market trade to an institutional fund manager that has not yet been revealed.

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals (ASX:CUV) boss Phillipe Wolgen sold $3.75 million on market in a sale the company said was to rebalance his portfolio and meet personal commitments.

Also selling from Clinuvel was Brenda Shanahan who sold $691,771 in an on market trade.

Pilbara (ASX:PLS) director Kenneth Brinsden sold $5.7 million on market and Scott Didier from building works company John Lyng (ASX:JLG) topped the lot, parting with $13.2 million in shares although no reason has been given for either of the two latter sales.