There’s plenty making headlines today in the Cryptoverse… but at the top of the click-baity list, we’re wheeling out a few usual suspects, including Bitcoin bulls Robert Kiyosaki and Cathie Wood, and DOGE lover Elon Musk.


Kiyosaki: ‘Bitcoin is people’s money’

Yep, Robert “I Wrote a Very Popular and Accessible Finance-Related Book in the Late ’90s” Kiyosaki is no stranger to Bitcoin price predictions. In fact, his regular followers might be starting to feel the guy’s messaging is on some sort of a loop.

Anyway, for what it’s worth to you, here’s his latest:

The Rich Dad Poor Dad author (there, we said it) also said about this time last year that he thinks Bitcoin will hit US$1.2 million by about 2027. 

Gotta love hats. They contain some great Bitcoin numbers.

Still, perhaps neither Kiyosaki or Cathie Wood (US$1 million by 2030) is bullish enough, if you subscribe to British cryptographer Adam Back’s recent thoughts about “hyperbicoinization” and the possibility of a $10 MILLION Bitcoin within the next nine years. 


Wood’s ARK still buying Coinbase

Speaking of Cathie Wood, even as SEC boss Gazza Gensler cracks down on Binance ecosystem stablecoin BUSD and its issuer Paxos, along with Kraken’s staking program, her ARK Invest firm continues to push money into another crypto exchange’s stock – Coinbase (COIN). 

Wood’s tech-loving investment company made more recent purchases (on February 10, 13, and 14) totalling 153k shares in the largest US crypto exchange.

It makes Coinbase ARK’s eighth-largest holding (Tesla is no. 1, while Jack Dorsey’s Bitcoin-friendly company Square is no.5). 


And in other crypto news

Rounding out, in brief, some of the other major crypto news we couldn’t get to in detail… 

Dogecoin (+6%) and other canine-themed cryptos (including SHIB +5% and FLOKI +39%) are trending up in price at the time of writing. Which might have something to do with the following Elon Musk tweet that shows his shiba inu dog Floki posing as the new boss of Twitter. Yep, that’s all it takes sometimes…

•  The investment firm of hedge fund billionaire fat cat George Soros reportedly added more exposure to crypto companies before the end of 2022, according to a CoinDesk report. The fund purchased or added to positions in Marathon Digital, MicroStrategy and Silvergate Bank, according to an SEC filing.

DBS, Southeast Asia’s largest Bank, has reportedly revealed it has plans to expand its crypto services into Hong Kong. “We are planning to apply for a license in Hong Kong so that the bank could sell digital assets to our Hong Kong customers,” said an executive of the bank, as reported by The Strait Times.

• Crypto exchanges Binance and Huobi have, again, frozen accounts linked to the US$100 million Harmony Horizon bridge attack that occurred in late June last year.

“Around $1.4 million worth of crypto frozen by the trading platforms came from accounts linked to the notorious Lazarus Group operating out of North Korea,” reported CoinTelegraph today.

• And in yet more news regarding the apparent Gary Gensler/SEC crusade against the crypto industry in the US, Bloomberg has reported, citing people familiar with the matter, that he could be targeting crypto custodian firms soon.

And that could come in the form of proposing new rules that see much tougher requirements for operating as a “qualified custodian” of cryptocurrencies for institutional fund managers.

Fun fact. Before he became a power-hungry political ladder climber and crypto’s enemy no. 1 in the US of A, Gary Gensler used to teach blockchain courses at MIT. He’s also apparently mates with Silvio Micali – the founder of layer 1 blockchain Algorand (ALGO).

Things that make you go hmmm, and then quickly move on.