Gefen is a Fintech Company that provides global and scalable technology solutions to highly regulated & compliance focused industries.

Gefen’s platform collects products and algorithmically matches them based on customer insights, and helps direct financial service agents with data-driven solutions. They partner with existing agencies and agent networks to harness the power of their collective intelligence.


  • David Nash, CEO & Director

    David is a trained lawyer with more than 18 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and consultant to multinational companies in a variety of fields especially in online businesses. David co-founded Gefen Technologies in 2016. He is currently responsible for all the commercial aspects of the Company, including strategy and business development as well as the direct management of its sales/marketing processes and business channels relationships. He was previously Co-CEO and board member for WoodenArk (2014-2016), founder of a boutique consultancy to international e-commerce operators (2007-2013) and CEO and co-founder of Nitzanim Energy Limited (2004-2007). David has LLB & BA degrees in Law & Business Administration (Practice in finance).

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  • Orni Daniel, CEO & Director

    Orni has more than 15 years’ experience managing global online operations in various industrial sectors, including finance, gaming and e-commerce. He co-founded Gefen Technologies in 2016 and currently oversees the Company’s global activities. Orni was also a co-founder of non-profit organisation Mamaherb. The latter business won first prize in the Health & Well Being category at the United Nations’ World Summit Award in 2009. Orni is a former deputy squadron commander for the Israeli Air Force, where he flew F-15s. He has a graduate cum laude in Law (LL. B) & Business (B.A).

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  • Elad Daniel, Chairman

    Elad is an expert in initiating, designing, building and implementing digital enterprise platforms from the ground up. Has extensive experience in online marketing, advertising, e-commerce, enterprise information communication technology and cloud solutions. Elad co-founded Gefen Technologies in 2016 and is currently its chief architect. This role has him conceiving and overseeing the existing and future capabilities of the Company’s technology platform and its implementation. Prior to his role with Gefen, Elad held chief architect/senior management positions at a number of businesses, including R&D managers and consultancies. He was formerly a major in an elite Israel Defence Force special forces unit. Elad has an industrial and data engineering degree from Tel Aviv University.

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  • Tomer Ben-Ari, CEO

    Tomer has over 20 years’ experience in R&D and operations management. During this time, he has built a strong technical, business and product knowledge base. He has a reputation for taking technical product and making it into a valued solution for customers. In earlier roles, he helped build efficient and cost-effective technology teams and processes. His specialist sectors in Insurtech and Fintech. Tomer joined Gefen as its Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technical Officer in August 2020. His previous roles included General Manager of R&D and Innovation at Barclays Bank (Tel Aviv) and a number of senior management R&D positions at other companies. Tomer has a Master of Science (Computer Sciences) degree and Bachelor of Arts (Computer Sciences) degree, both from leading Israeli university IDC Herzliya.

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