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In this episode, Justin speaks with Izzy Whitelock, the CEO of artificial intelligence and technology business Houston We Have (ASX HWH).

HWH comprises three business areas, all based on specific technologies or software. Intelfuze is a subjective logic software which combines data, human observation/opinion and advanced mathematics to produce assessments of future risk to help leaders make better decisions. Prometheus is the data analytics practice which is focused on the health insurance market, and the recently acquired ECHOiQ which has the potential to transform early diagnosis of cardiac conditions using data science and machine learning.

In this episode, Izzy explains the significance of the ECHOiQ acquisition; the practical examples of AI in use; how machine learning is transforming our lives; her philosophy on running a public company and the blue sky potential for Houston We Have (HWH) over the next two years.

Tune in below.