• Delta Drone signs mining contract
  • Echo IQ deepens study on AI

Detla Drone signs mining contract in South Africa

Delta Drone (ASX:DLT) via subsidiary Rocketmine has signed a contract to deliver drone surveying services to Assmang’s Khumani Iron Ore Mine in South Africa.

The three-year contract has a Total Contract Value (TCV) of $880k, and an Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $293k.

Assmang is a major ferrous metals miner and processor in South Africa operating across iron ore, manganese and chrome.

The Khumani Iron Ore Mine is situated approximately 30km south of the town of Kathu in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Operated mainly in southern Africa and in Australia, the Rocketmine solution provides all the topographic data required by the surveyors that manage mining sites on a daily basis.

The technology digitises the entire site, including its infrastructure, to build a 3D digital model entirely controlled remotely.

Delta says drone inspections carried out by Rocketmine allow for increased accessibility and safety at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.

The drones also provide real time information for quick decision making, avoiding accidents.


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Echo IQ to deepen AI study

Echo IQ (ASX:EIQ) – formerly Houston We Have , has eentered into a study agreement with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a world-leading US teaching hospital.

The study will evaluate Echo IQ’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm in detecting individuals with severe aortic stenosis (AS).

This study adds to those already in progress by the company, and is expected to expand an already-extensive body of research in this important space.

AS is the most prevalent form of heart valve disease in high-income countries.

Recent estimates from the UK and Australia suggest that its prevalence will increase in line with the progressive ageing of the population.

Echo IQ’s platform uses the power of AI to support the diagnosis of this condition and other forms of structural heart disease.

The company’s proprietary ESP-AS cloud-based solution generates a risk assessment for AS using echocardiographic measurement data from a standard cardiothoracic ultrasound.

ESP will then analyse this data to generate a risk indicator. This will be augmented by an additional check for severe AS, as defined by the current AHA (Australian Healthcare Associates) guidelines.


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