Special Report: Following a strategic review, SaaS platform Wooboard has announced significant interest from international corporations.

Wooboard (ASX:WOO) has secured trials from a number of notable major corporations, including Unilever, Walt Disney Corporation, Lululemon and Verizon Mobile, following a strategic review of its peer recognition platform and a pivot towards supporting employees through remote working.

The interest represents a successful repositioning of the Wooboard platform, offering major multinational corporations the ability to support employees through the workplace impacts of COVID-19, including mental health and wellness issues.

Companies including Deliveroo, Staples.com and the US Government’s Department of Agriculture have all embarked on extended trials of the Wooboard platform. In the December quarter, former LinkedIn senior executive Letrecia Tippett joined the company to manage these relationships and continue sourcing partnerships with major corporations.

Supporting workplaces during COVID-19

Following the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on workplaces around the world, Wooboard has undergone its largest upgrade in over three years to better support employees through the changes.

The upgrade includes a focus on improved integration with third-party applications and CRM systems and the addition of tailored features for users who are currently working from home.

The platform is also focusing on the mental health and wellness of remote workers as organisations are forced to respond quickly to changing restrictions. By rolling out these updates to the Wooboard system, the company is well-positioned to satisfy market demand for flexible solutions for employees. It will continue to review its platform to help realise the long-term goal to be the only rewards-based mindfulness platform with the ability to recognise and reward hard-working teams across the globe.

Wooboard is working with leading brand and design consultancy, Aspect Works, and technology incubator, FullStack Labs, on the updates to its platform and the positioning of Wooboard as a thought-leading product and brand.

Wooboard has also signed an enterprise agreement with Tango Card which will allow it to offer customers a full engagement, recognition and reward experience through 3000+ enterprise and 350+ gift card providers in over 25 countries.

This article was developed in collaboration with Wooboard, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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