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In this episode, Justin interviews Mark Nagy, founder and CEO of DataMesh.

DataMesh and Visa have just struck a deal to enhance global payment experiences worldwide.

DataMesh’s journey started in 2018 with OTR and Peregrine Groups, a formidable client boasting an annual turnover of approximately $3 billion. Building on this foundational success, DataMesh secured the contract to deliver solutions for the National Australia Bank (NAB).

Momentum continued as it expanded its reach into the banking sector, clinching a deal with Deutsche Bank. This partnership initially targeted 14 countries in the APAC region but has since broadened to include plans for expansion into other international markets.

Further solidifying its market presence, it successfully negotiated contracts with several banks and acquirers, plus deals with retail organisations such as A2B (formerly Cabcharge) and Viva Energy, a significant player in the energy sector with an annual turnover exceeding $10 billion.

With more than 200 organisations as key clients, the significance of the global agreement with Visa not only marks a major milestone in the company’s expansion, but also validates and reinforces its position as an emerging leader in providing cutting-edge technological solutions on a global scale. What is also significant is that this is all Australian technology being taken to the world.

This podcast was developed in collaboration with DataMesh, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.


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