A ‘major partner’ wants to formally integrate 4DS Memory’s (ASX:4DS) tech after its semiconductor wafers passed their latest test.

Investors were pleased, with 4DS shares jumping 35 per cent in morning trade.

The Silicon Valley-based semiconductor play is developing high-grade storage memory. It wants it to be as fast as DRAM (dynamic random-access memory – the industry standard) but use less power and space.

4DS had tested three batches of its wafers to find the best process and specifications for manufacturing.

Analysis of a fourth batch is complete and the company now knows the best manufacturing conditions, and that its process can be done repeatedly.

“We believe we know how to repeatedly produce our memory on state-of-the-art production equipment,” CEO Guido Arnout said.

But most importantly, 4DS’ strategic partner, Belgian technology development hub IMEC, likes what it sees.

It has agreed to integrate 4DS’ memory technology with IMEC’s megabit platform. 4DS will produce an initial batch this quarter.

While their current collaboration deal expires at the end of the year, this companies are negotiating an extension and integration will continue into 2020.

The company jumped as high as 35 per cent this morning before settling at 24 per cent higher. Shares had been volatile, falling in July due to a capital raise but are more than double their level in December last year.

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