Stock Insiders is a podcast series focussed on investing hosted by TV presenter and news journalist Christina Morrissy. 

In this episode Christina chats to James Tsiolis, CEO and managing director at Netlinkz (ASX:NET).

Netlinkz is the creator of the Virtual Invisible Network, a network technology that allows organisations to quickly connect sites, devices and staff over the internet through a unique network solution that is invisible when devices are connected. The Netlinkz VSN solution is a NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) proposition that is user-centric, creating a per-user private network that is available, secure and performance optimised, for authorised users regardless of their location.

Netlinkz’s award winning VSN product and deal with SpaceX’s Starlink have shows that the company can match it with the best in the world. The company is moving forward with its eyes set on Asia, revenue growth and turning cashflow positive. 

To hear more about Netlinkz’s exciting year ahead, click below! 

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