A proudly Australian software company with a global reach, Netlinkz is one of the most innovative leaders amidst the growing trend of decentralized data. Netlinkz delivers a patented virtual network solution called the Virtual Invisible Network – otherwise known as the VIN. This award-winning system is being adopted by intelligence agencies, municipal governments, and corporations around the world.

Although Netlinkz was founded back in 2004, the company truly arrived on the scene after winning the Global Security Challenge in 2010. Hosted by the US Department of Defense, this internationally-renowned software competition is considered one of the toughest challenges that any security expert or company can undertake. With its innovative VIN system, Netlinkz managed to snatch victory against some of the biggest software security companies in the world in a heated cybersecurity battle.

After causing quite a stir with its win at the Global Security Challenge, Netlinkz successfully went public a year later in 2011. After generating plenty of interest from international markets, the company established connections and resellers in places like the United States, Japan, China, and many other nations. That being said, the company is still headquartered in Sydney and maintains strong Australian roots.

The Virtual Invisible Network falls into the basic category of a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (DS-WAN), but in reality, the system is much more advanced and innovative than any of its predecessors. Essentially, the VIN delivers the ironclad security of a Local Area Network while remaining connected to the world wide web. This is achieved using what Netlinkz calls a “LAN fabric,” which is overlaid onto an existing Wide Area Network. With this approach, customers experience both connectivity and security. A mesh of P2P connections also makes the Virtual Invisible Network, well… invisible.

Over the years, Netlinkz has been constantly testing this proprietary system with a number of outside agencies. In 2018, the company started testing the VIN with China Telecom, and Netlinkz’s VIN products are now used extensively in the city of Wuxi. Next, a company in Sydney called the Omega Dev Group tried the VIN out for themselves. They discovered that the VIN represented an excellent solution for secure group chat and file management systems.

Perhaps the most promising test was carried out by Blue Tech, an IT company that works closely with the US Federal Government. After months of testing throughout 2019, Blue Tech announced that they had given Netlinkz’s VIN their seal of approval. Not only that, but Blue Tech also began the process of implementing VIN products into various branches of the US government, including defence and intelligence.

This exhaustive testing process has resulted in an increase in Netlinkz’s net value. After Blue Tech finished its testing process and announced its results, the company’s share prices rose by 22%. Later in 2019, Netlinkz purchased SSI Pacific, another software company based in Australia. The deal was worth $10.2 million. Further partnerships and stakes with companies like iLinkAll and Sichuan Meixunda also resulted in a notable increase in Netlinkz’s share prices.

While other companies are also developing software products similar to the VIN, Netlinkz has been refining and testing these types of systems for much longer than its rivals. This advantage is compounded by strong partnerships with some of the most influential tech companies in both China and the United States. The future looks bright for Netlinkz, as the company is poised to ride the wave of increasingly decentralized data in the years to come.


James Tsiolis, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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David O’Dowd, Independent Non-Executive Director

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Mr Zhang, China Based Non-Executive Director

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