Stock Insiders is a new podcast series focussed on investing hosted by renowned business journalist Oriel Morrison. The program is sponsored by Barclay Pearce Capital, Australia’s leading corporate advisory and equities trading firm. 

In this episode Oriel sits down with Matt Vitale, co-founder at Birchal.

Crowdsourced funding (CSF) platform Birchal gives investors simple access to invest in a high-growth company with scale-up ambitions. The company has currently completed roughly 70% of all successful CSF offers in Australia,  with more than $95m raised across over 125 campaigns.

Birchal recently announced the platform is targeting up to $2m in new funding, with cornerstone backing from a network of sophisticated investors.

Hear more about Matt’s journey to the founding of Birchal, deregulation in the crowdfunding industry and what makes crowdfunding work.