Sparc Technologies is set to have $1.1m pumped into its Sparc Hydrogen JV as it progresses towards commercialisation of its green hydrogen tech.

This 50% increase in committed funding will help Sparc accelerate research and development activities of on-sun testing and demonstration of the photocatalytic water splitting process.

Sparc Hydrogen, a joint venture between the University of Adelaide, Fortescue Future Industries and Sparc Technologies (ASX:SPN) is seeking to develop and commercialise patent-pending photocatalytic water splitting technology with the aim of producing low-cost green hydrogen on a commercial scale.

The JV recently approved an ~A$1.1m increase in funding for Stage 1 of the project, representing a roughly 50% increase in committed funding to advance research activities.

Approval has also been given for the appointment of an experienced project manager, an increase in resources at the University of Adelaide, design and construction of an on-sun prototype reactor as a precursor to pilot scale design, as well as for additional working capital.

Strong endorsement

SPN executive chairman Stephen Hunt says the increase in funding is another strong endorsement and demonstrates the increasing maturity of the technology.

“We are excited about the acceleration of on-sun testing and with the appointment of an experienced project manager to lead development of this work as we move towards piloting,” he says.

“We continue to be very encouraged by the potential of this next generation green hydrogen technology.”

Prototype test work to begin in mid-2023

Sparc says the increase in commitment to the project is the culmination of progress over the past six months, which includes the delivery of a preliminary Techno Economic Assessment (TEA) and the publication of an international patent application, relating to the photocatalytic reactor technology.

The additional funding will also enable greater focus on testing the efficacy of the technology in real world conditions through an acceleration of on-sun prototyping as a precursor to pilot scale reactor design.

This prototyping work is expected to be undertaken at an existing concentrated solar field and would be the first demonstration of the technology outside of the laboratory.

Sparc Hydrogen has engaged a consultant engineering firm to support this work which is targeted to be conducted in mid-2023.

Results will feed into the development of the pilot plant which is ongoing.




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