Battery tech company Rectifier Technologies has unveiled a new product offering designed to facilitate two-way power supply between an electric vehicle and the power grid.

Rectifier (ASX:RFT) told investors at its annual general meeting that it was pursuing opportunities in the new energy market, and its latest research and development project will be to introduce high efficiency bi-directional power conversion technology to its product suite.

This means that not only would you be able to charge your electric vehicle from the power grid, but the grid can actually be supported by the battery, with energy transferred from the vehicle back to the grid.

It would also allow you to transfer energy to your home from your car during a blackout.

Rectifier's latest EV DC Home Charger 11kWRectifier’s latest EV DC Home Charger 11kW

The first prototype of this two-way power supply is expected to be integrated into Rectifier’s home EV charger by the end of June next year and in full production by the end of the year.

Back in October last year, Rectifier shares climbed 43 per cent when the company announced the first generation of its EV DC Home Charger 11kW.

In June, the stock rose 52 per cent after the company won a $US5 million order from Brisbane-based Tritium which makes fast chargers for electric vehicles.