DroneShield has launched a mini version of its drone killing device to help stop attacks like the recent attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

DroneShield’s latest product is known as the “DroneNode” — and it’s an evolution of an existing DroneCannon product released earlier this month.

It’s described as a portable, compact and inconspicuous counterdrone jamming device which can be used at large outdoor events without raising public concern.

“This product is particularly relevant given the recent drone attack on the Venezuelan president, and the high profile mailbomb terrorist attacks in the United States, heightening the awareness of law enforcement globally to potential threats to high profile political targets,” DroneShield told investors this morning.

In early August, two drones packed with more than four pounds of plastic explosives reportedly flew towards President Maduro, his wife and other top Venezuelan leaders while he was addressing an event in Caracas to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the country’s national guard.

The DroneNode product is contained in a portable case measuring about 50x50cm in size.

DroneNode, DroneShield

DroneShield has a successful track record at mass events the likes of the 2018
Olympics and Commonwealth Games, 2017 Ironman World Championships and the Boston Marathon for three years running.