Droneshield is launching a new “soft kill” technology that can be bolted on to existing artillery to add an anti-drone capability.

‘Soft kill’ means a drone jammer can intercept an enemy drone without resporting to a “hard kill” — in other words shooting it down.

The new “DroneCannon” is designed to be used at “remote weapon stations (unmanned gun systems) as part of a combined “hard kill/soft kill” layered system”, Droneshield said.

It can jam drones up to 2km away, the company said last year.

It did not provide updated specs for the device.

The stock was unmoved by the news, squatting at 17c.

Droneshield did not announce any purchases orders for the cannon, but did remind shareholders that like its other devices, only entities approved by the US government can buy it.

Droneshield shares over the last year.