Australian company Nuheara (ASX:NUH) just used CES, the world’s biggest tech trade conference show, to reveal earbuds that can personalise volume levels from your TV.

The IQBuds are actually designed for people who have hearing impairments, but not so bad that they need a hearing aid.

The IQBud MAX revealed at CES is the company’s third model. It released IQbuds BOOST at last year’s show, to generally mild acclaim.

But the response was strong enough to put in train development on the IQBud MAX, which Nuheara says has “five times” more advanced digital processing power than the BOOST system.

Three microphones are used to manipulate sound both inside and outside the ear, and Nuheara says they’ll be “the first intelligent earbuds to feature active noise cancellation”.

They won’t be cheap either, topping the $649 price point for BOOST earbuds. But if the MAX models work the way Nuheara promises, that still presents as a comparatively affordable lift in quality of life.

Very few, if any, hearing aids offer active noise cancellation (ANC), as it kind of defeats the purpose of hearing the outside world.

Or maybe it doesn’t. Nuheara sees ANC as a great way to help users focus on hearing.

Along with the MAX earbuds, it revealed a device that works with MAX and BOOST earbuds called IQstream TV.

It’s an adapter that sends audio direct from your TV to your earbuds, and yes, you can turn it up and down without changing the volume level on the TV itself.

Consider that for a minute, and the amount of times you or a parent in your home has yelled at someone for having the TV up too loud.

Often, that’s a poor someone who most likely then has to sit and strain to understand what everyone else in the room hears perfectly.

Nuheara’s share price was up almost 6% today on the news out of CES, to 7.4 cents. Stock hit a high of 13.7 cents in March last year after it won approval as a supplier to the federal government’s Hearing Services Program (HSP), but has been on a steady decline since.

Nuheara shares (ASX:NUH) over the past six months. Image:

In September, shares spiked again briefly after the company snagged former Samsung Australia executive Phil Newton as its first chief sales officer.

Nuheara says the MAX earbuds will be on sale in the second half of 2019.