Technology from ASX-listed Norwood that allows employers to differentiate between work calls and personal calls will be integrated into Oracle’s enterprise software.

Norwood’s (ASX:NOR) Corona customer relationship manager allows companies to track an employee’s work-related phone calls and messages to gather metrics on productivity and performance.

On Friday Norwood announced the technology’s integration into Oracle’s global cloud application services suite, giving the company potential exposure to 430,000 potential clients worldwide.

Norwood shares surged 17 per cent to 2.3c on Friday, before settling to close at 1.8c.

Corona technology differentiates between personal and work phone calls and messages, eliminating the need for staff to keep separate business and personal devices, and allowing greater data collection.

“More and more client interactions are happening in the ‘black hole’ that is smartphones and companies are losing out on valuable data,” Norwood chief executive Paul Ostergaard told Stockhead.

“Our technology allows all client interactions to be traced — whether that be via text message or in transcribing calls and gives a search function to find it easily.”

The software can trace the sentiment of a call or how many calls were completed on any given day, though Mr Ostergaard said it wasn’t intended as a tool for micromanagement.

“The metrics give employees tools to improve their own performance — to see that you were closing in on your quota or reminding you to follow up,” he said.

Data collected by companies using the program could also be a useful feeder for AI and machine learning applications as interactions increasingly were becoming automated.

Natural applications of the software have been in sales and management of remote teams, but the software was also useful in terms of compliance, in the financial, health and legal services where tracking client interactions was paramount.

The $19.8 million company is also behind, World Wi-Fi a Wi-Fi service that allows users to find their closest portal through an augmented reality map.