Workplace software company LiveTiles (ASX:LVT) is leveraging its partnership with Microsoft in a new marketing push.

Under a new co-sell agreement, representatives at the software giant’s sale centres will be trained to sell core LiveTiles products.

LiveTiles said the two companies have also launched a joint marketing initiative for enterprise clients.

And on the operational front, the company flagged a new sales — a US apparel retailer which LVT said is its “largest ever LiveTiles Intranet customer deal”.

Post-Covid momentum

The company’s initial solution was to provide an enhanced user interface embedded in Microsoft products that typically have high installation rates, but low utilisation.

Under the co-sell agreement, two LiveTiles products — Reach and Directory — will be sold alongside Microsoft products via its SMC (Small, Medium and Corporate) sales centres.

LiveTiles Reach is a mobile app, while the Directory product forms part of the LVT Quantum platform, which helps to drive business insights with artificial intelligence.

Separately, the company said its Q1 sales deal was a “multi-million dollar” contract, to assist with the retailer’s COVID-19 reopening strategy.

The deal will see the LiveTiles Reach and Intranet platforms deployed through Microsoft Teams to a 40,000-strong workforce across 27 countries.

Meanwhile, the joint marketing effort with Microsoft will be focused on driving sales in three key market segments — retail, manufacturing and healthcare.

Combined with the co-sell agreement, LVT said the increased Microsoft integration will allow it to “expand the number of potential customers, create a more targeted account planning approach and assist with driving both LiveTiles and Microsoft Teams adoption in the market”.

Shares in LiveTiles rose by 11 per cent in morning trade on the back of those market updates.

However, as a B2B software play, the company so far hasn’t matched the explosive growth in a post-Covid economy found in other sectors such as ecommerce.

At around 25c, the stock is still trading below its February levels of around 35c.