• archTIS’s Okera partnership results in $449K contract
  • LiveTiles reports ARR of $64.5 million
  • Knosys up after Libero acquisition


archtis (ASX:AR9)

Cybersecurity company archTIS rose 2.6% today off the back of a $449,000 contract with an Australian national intelligence and law enforcement agency for the deployment of technology from partner Okera’s universal data authorisation platform.

Through the partnership, the company can now resell and provide the Okera Dynamic Access Platform (ODAP) to support enterprise, government and defence clients in Australia with the ability to securely access sensitive structured data such as records or transactions in a database.

“It is rare to find a partner that you align with so strongly from a business perspective and can work with seamlessly, Okera is one of those partners,” archTIS MD Daniel Lai said.

“Their complimentary platform offers the same policy-based ABAC control over structured data that our products deliver for unstructured data.”

“Combined, we can provide an end-to-end solution for granular, zero-trust data access control to ensure all of our joint customers data – from structured to unstructured – is protected.”


LiveTiles (ASX:LVT)

Employee software player LiveTiles was up 4.2% today after reporting a 13% increase in annualised recurring revenue to $64.5 million (on the previous corresponding period) for the September quarter.

Co-founder and CEO Karl Redenbach said that the company’s ongoing focus is disciplined cash management – with a 56% improvement in operating cashflows in the quarter when compared to September 2020 with cash receipts of $14.6 million.

“We’re pleased to report a strong cash position of $20.9 million which includes $6 million of our recent debt facility, and a further $4 million to become available next quarter after shareholder approval at our upcoming 2021 AGM,” he said.

“This funding provides strong foundation for FY22 and beyond as the company works to achieve its growth ambitions.”

Plus, during the quarter the company hosted a global Lets Connect with Simon Sinek virtual event with around 4,300 attendees and over 20,000 visited the event website to view the Employee Experience (EX) Thought Leadership materials – which it says has generated approximately 500 qualified leads.


Knosys (ASX:KNO)

Workplace SaaS player Knosys was up 3.33% today after releasing a solid September quarterly.

The company booked Q1 receipts from customers of $2.9 million, up 42% from $2.1 million on the previous corresponding period, primarily due to the contribution from GreenOrbit, acquired in March 2021.

Knosys also completed the Libero acquisition in August, a library management software (LMS) company which delivers a new digital experience in managing asset collections, employees and interactions with their members for public libraries, tertiary education institutions and other similar organisations.

The company said that Libero represents the third pillar of its multi-SaaS product offering, adding to the Knosys Knowledge IQ solution and the GreenOrbit Intelligent Intranet solution.

The consolidated business now has 60+ employees and approximately 380 customers and has annualised recurring revenue of over $8.3 million as of September 2021.


Tesserent (ASX:TNT)

Another cybersecurity firm, Tesserent, reported turnover of $26.9 million and year-on-year growth of 78%, with its share price unchanged in morning trade.

The company said it’s focused on building on its position as Australia’s #1 ASX-listed cybersecurity provider, with future goals including:

  • Driving its acquisition strategy to expand on Cyber 360 capabilities and market share, increasing shareholder value through incremental EPS growth;
  • Fostering innovation and expand proprietary intellectual property to drive high-margin product and service offerings;
  • Driving an industry-wide capability uplift and reduce the skill shortage gap through the Tesserent Academy; and
  • Exploring international expansion opportunities with a focus on Australia’s key Five Eyes allies, which consists of the USA, UK, NZ and Canada.

Tesserent is also focused on capturing further market share in three key markets: Government (including defence), critical infrastructure and industry and financial services.