Special Report: Australian investors struggling to navigate the myriad available investment avenues can now breathe easy following the official unveiling of InvestmentMarkets’ pioneering portal – designed exclusively for the discerning, self-reliant investor.

A first in Australia, InvestmentMarkets.com.au is a comprehensive all-in-one-place resource dedicated to simplifying the complex landscape of investment opportunities in our vibrant market.

Billed as the definitive ‘compendium style’ search engine for investors, the platform encompasses an extensive spectrum of asset classes, sectors, and investment product stages. The website provides access to investment in the likes of managed funds and ETFs, equities and shares, property, fixed interest and term deposits, growth and income focuses, startups, crowd sourced funding and ESG.

InvestmentMarkets has been designed for ease of use, sporting an interface reminiscent of realestate.com.au’s property filtering system or Compare Club’s comparison features that it does for insurance and loans.

The current iteration of the website permits users to refine their search based on a diverse set of up to 12 criteria, including asset class, investor type, liquidity, and investment goals, with ambitions to broaden these filters within the forthcoming year.

Founded by Angelina Wu and Chris Morton, who merged their extensive experience in financial advisory and funds management, the site aspires to democratise the investment process for all. Their collaborative vision was to produce a platform that both demystifies investment and is universally accessible without barriers or costs to the investor user.

After some years of research and meticulous development, the site boasts nearly 500 funds and investment products and growing significantly in number every month. The offerings span from reputable industry titans such as JP Morgan and Magellan to banks like Bankwest to niche providers and emerging fund managers, accommodating a wide investment range starting from accessible entry points up to exclusive high entry wholesale investor funds.

With a target of featuring 3,000 investment products by 2026, InvestmentMarkets is poised for growth. It anticipates the burgeoning interest of issuers keen on reaching a broad spectrum of self-directed retail, Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), and wholesale investors.

CEO Angelina Wu sees InvestmentMarkets as a potential epicentre of investment in Australia – a gateway to a diverse portfolio that promotes judicious and informed investment choices.

“We believe that once the platform reaches more maturity the Australian capital markets will not have seen anything with the breadth and spectrum that it will offer. It will indeed be the ‘go to’ Investment Central and in some ways a ‘Google like’ facility.

“We will also act as the portal to other investment sites such as to facilitate investment via platforms that some might see as competitors to us. We don’t see it that way. We are just there to help the capital markets flow, and, of course, the investors to find what products meet their objectives.”

The platform has a robust array of tools, a potent search engine, a user-friendly dashboard, and sophisticated filtering options that foster a frictionless investment discovery experience.

InvestmentMarkets also takes pride in its commitment to providing a wealth of unbiased resources, including analytical articles, instructional videos, and educational events such as investor webinars – all readily available and impartial.

Wu says: “Our current webinar has over a thousand registrations and it’s only early days for us in this area.”

The platform’s adherence to impartiality is evidenced by its operational model, which avoids commission-based earnings from investment activities.

The platform is backed by a diverse coalition of financial services professionals, innovative entrepreneurs, family offices, and venture capital funds – all united in the mission to democratise access to capital markets.

The initiative is poised to elevate visibility for emerging businesses and funds, often overshadowed by established institutional entities, reinforcing its foundational values of independence, clarity, accessibility, and educational outreach.

For issuers, InvestmentMarkets offers an unrivaled reach to a burgeoning demographic of self-reliant investors. Chairman and co-founder Morton is confident in the site’s growth trajectory.

“We’ve just started to scratch the surface of our potential in the number of our products and investor users as well as the value and the benefits that we offer to investors,” he says.

“We’re humbled by the recognition and support we’ve received from many different quarters including government. It validates our mission to make investment opportunities accessible to all and supports our belief that a platform like ours is needed in the Australian market.”

The support and acknowledgment from a diverse range of stakeholders bolsters the platform’s vision and substantiates the need for such a transformative portal within the Australian financial landscape.


This article was developed in collaboration with InvestmentMarkets, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.