Special Report:  In partnership with Nasdaq, trading platform moomoo offers unprecedented access to real-time data to enhance trading strategies for both professional and retail investors.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom has been hailed as the “megatrend of all megatrends”, presenting investors with a potential opportunity of a lifetime.

The disruptive technology is indeed a game changer. Right now, there is a rare chance to capitalise on the rise of stocks pioneering the industry.

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla – dubbed collectively as the “Magnificent Seven” – have grabbed a much bigger share of the S&P 500 Index thanks to their recent stellar performance.

Despite inevitable short-term fluctuations, the long-term trajectory of these stocks has been upward – and this is what most investors are betting on as they bolster portfolios.

For investors keen on gaining a distinct advantage in the US market, having the right tools is an absolute must.

Award-winning trading platform moomoo boasts advanced tools which enable users to navigate key markets like the US, including Nasdaq-listed megacap stocks currently driving market growth.

Moomoo, who entered the Australian market 2 years ago ,just announced their exclusive partnership with Nasdaq, the world’s premier provider for global capital markets.

This alliance is set to put Nasdaq’s cutting-edge market insights directly into the hands of their 21 million users, including real-time advanced tools that are accessible anytime, anywhere via the moomoo platform.

Moomoo’s chief market strategist Matthew Wilson explained that one of the real pain points for Australian investors has always been the cost of accessing professional tools and market data.

“Some platforms provide delayed data, and some might just provide a bid and an offer point. But moomoo offers all their clients access to free level 2 data, and now in partnership with Nasdaq, is offering a free trial up to 3 months for investors to access Nasdaq’s TotalView market data,” Wilson said.

Level 2 data refers essentially to the full order book for stocks, showing all the orders that have been placed at prices below the best bid price, or above the best ask price.

This gives traders a detailed insight into the price action and potentially an edge when executing a trade.

This Level 2 data can now be accessed via the moomoo platform through the Nasdaq TotalView tool, which is available via an exclusive up to 3-month free trial to all eligible investors up until the 31st of July.

Moomoo already offers free level 2 market insights provided by Arcabook which will continue to provide 60 levels of bid and ask price. To allow users to see the full picture of the buy and sell price of a stock, moomoo is now also providing Nasdaq TotalView data for this limited time.

By signing up to the free trial, eligible investors can enjoy unparalleled market depth offered by TotalView, including deeper quotes and orders at every price level on stocks traded on the Nasdaq.

“Nasdaq TotalView provides 60 different levels, or layers if you like, of market quotes. And it provides around 20x times the liquidity of standard Level 2 data that our clients would typically see” says Wilson.


Trade like a pro

Wilson explained that professional trading is a complex business driven by algorithmic traders that are feeding automatic orders into the market, as well as institutional traders who often hide their orders.

“Those hidden orders are there in the market, but retail clients generally don’t get to see them,” he says.

“[But] these orders however are really important because they are exactly where the resistance and support levels are.

“To have that view of where the big players are, where the support levels are, and where the resistance levels are, will give our clients a real edge, and that’s what we’re providing them by offering this free trial of Nasdaq TotalView.”

But Wilson says this tool is not purely for professional investors, because all that data will then feed downstream into the retail trader’s suite of tools that moomoo already provides.

“The tools that we already have will filter that data, and hopefully give the retail trader deeper insights,” Wilson says.

“By offering deeper insights into support and resistance levels, investors can now identify trading opportunities, or entry and exit points, with greater accuracy and confidence.”


Moomoo’s advanced tools

Moomoo’s benefits doesn’t just stop at market data.

It also offers a suite of advanced trading tools to help users manage and analyse the complexities of the market. With 38 advanced drawing tools, more than 100 indicators, and a 24/7 Global News function, investors look to have everything they need to stay ahead of the curve.

The 24/7 Global News function not just provides the latest market and company news from 50+ premium sources, it also allows investors to filter out the noise and only receive what’s usable for them.

“Investors can filter news that’s going to affect a particular stock that they’re interested in, which effectively allows you to filter out a lot of the noise,” says Wilson.

Moomoo’s Earnings Hub tool meanwhile is particularly useful during earnings season, providing investors with the insights they need to analyse a company’s financials in further detail.

With Earnings Hub, we have access to hundreds of analysts on Wall Street, and we can filter that out by giving consensus views, consensus opinions, and present them in a simple format- and that’s where our technology comes in,” says Wilson.

“Most people prefer looking at something visually, for example a chart rather than a table of data which can sometimes be confusing. And our technology really works well in curating something into a visual format.”

Additionally, Wilson says that during the earnings season, it’s not enough to know what a company will announce – what matters is what the overall investor sentiment toward the market is.

“I could tell you what the result is going to be tomorrow for Microsoft, but it doesn’t really matter unless I know what the market or the “street” is thinking,” he says.

“If the street thinks one thing and the result comes out the other, that’s important information, because that will move the stock price.”


Trading overseas markets

At the moment, the moomoo platform has a particular focus on the Australian and US markets but it also allows access to the Hong Kong stock market.

Nasdaq is a particularly important market because that’s where the Magnificent Seven stocks are listed.

“The Magnificent Seven, or you can even push it out even to 12 stocks, have really driven the rise in US share markets over the last 12 months, and these are stocks that are changing the world,” says Wilson.

“So we believe that Nasdaq is crucially important, and more and more people are wanting to trade in that market.

“The problem is, it’s difficult for people to get access to information. So moomoo’s goal is to provide that information and make it easier for them to trade in those markets.”


This article was developed in collaboration with moomoo, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.  

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