TrafficGuard’s admittance into the Google Cloud Marketplace platform in October last year opens up additional sales channels for Adveritas.

Adveritas (ASX:AV1) has just announced the first sale of its digital ad fraud platform TrafficGuard through the Google Cloud Marketplace since being admitted in October last year. The sale  generated US$120k in annualised revenue, or around AUD$170k.

It came following the launch of the company’s Go to Market strategy in April, where Adveritas worked closely with the Google Cloud’s Go to Market team to ensure a successful rollout.

“We have laid the foundations for success and this sales channel provides us with material upside for revenue producing contracts, combined with our direct sales force,” says Adveritas CEO, Mat Ratty.

TrafficGuard has also received significant interest from potential customers since the Go to Market strategy launch, with a number of trials now in progress.

The platform has in particular received interest from large enterprises, with strong interest coming via promotions made by Google Cloud’s independent software vendors and Partner Sales teams, as they market the Trafficguard platform to key Google Cloud Platform customers.


Taking advantage of Google’s reach

TrafficGuard is an ad fraud prevention software that targets invalid traffic before it reaches a client’s ad budget. Currently a $127b issue for digital marketer’s globally.

Using TrafficGuard, marketers, agencies and ad networks can both detect and prevent invalid traffic in real time in order to maximise the return on their advertising spend.

Acceptance into the Google Marketplace had been a key priority for Adveritas over the past year, as the company looked to rapidly scale TrafficGuard’s services by taking advantage of Google’s extensive reach.

On 14 October 2021, the TrafficGuard PPC product was admitted to the Google Cloud Marketplace, with marketing set to commence in the June 2022 quarter.

Being on the Google Cloud Marketplace allows users to quickly deploy solutions like TrafficGuard that run on the Google Cloud Platform, bypassing legal and long procurement timelines usually associated with enterprise level contracts.

Meanwhile, TrafficGuard’s mobile solution which ensures fake installs are not paid for, is being utilised by unicorn clients, is also in the process of being added to the Marketplace, following enquiries by companies utilising the Google Cloud Marketplace.

This allows for an easy cross sell from one product to another, thus increasing the average revenue per user.


Increased sales channels

According to Adveritas, the integration of TrafficGuard into the Google Cloud Marketplace has three key benefits.

Firstly, it opens an additional sales channel with Google Cloud representatives selling the TrafficGuard solution on behalf of Adveritas.

Secondly, it provides access to Google Cloud’s customer base across numerous key targeted countries.

And finally, it reduces the sales cycle for potential customers that already have Google as a preferred partner.

Ratty said that being on the Google platform could also open up additional streams of revenues for Adveritas.

“There are essentially three ways that TrafficGuard is being sold to increase revenue,” Ratty explains.

“First, via our direct sales force. Second, via land and expand contracts, where clients can be cross-sold additional products . And third via channel partners, such as the Google Cloud Marketplace.

“We’re working on a number of other channel partners to accelerate the global roll out of our TrafficGuard products.

“With a number of enterprise trials in progress, I look forward to providing further updates on contract wins, as our Go to Market strategy is rolled out over the coming months,” Ratty says.


This article was developed in collaboration with Adveritas, a Stockhead advertiser at the time of publishing.

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