eSports Mogul is joining a swath of organisations that are launching Fortnite competitions, the uber-popular online video game.

As well as snagging the most-played game in the world right now, eSport Mogul is releasing a range of other popular console games for its Silver Slam tournament in February.

The other games are Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pro Evolution Soccer 19, NBA 2K19, and TEKKEN 7.

But eSports Mogul’s (ASX:ESH) $275,000 competition, which features a range of games, could risk being overshadowed by the Australian Open’s $500,000 Fortnite competition in late January, which it announced yesterday.

The Australian Open breathlessly claims it’ll be the “largest competitive gaming event in Australian history”, offering pros and amateurs a top prize of $100,000.

The Fortnite Battle Royale concept is where 100 people fight to be the last one standing, making tournaments logistically challenging — you need a lot of people to start with.

But eSports Mogul reckons that by adding Fortnite and other console games to the lineup they’ll attract a new kind of gamer to their big competition in February.

Managing director Gernot Abl has been contacted for comment.

No money yet

Esports is a subset of the $140bn global gaming market which generated about $906m worth of revenue in 2018, according to Newzoo, a gaming market researcher.

The deep dive hasn’t yet paid off for eSports Mogul however, with the latest financial data available — the September quarterly — showing the company had only taken $5000 in customer receipts in the nine months leading to that point.

That came from advertising and interest payments.

But while they aren’t making any money yet, investors are super excited by the prospect of a Fortnite competition: the stock was up 14 per cent to 1.6c on Tuesday morning.

eSports Mogul shares over the last 12 months.