eSports Mogul has launched what it is calling the world’s best online tournament platform for computer games.

The company’s (ASX:ESH) Mogul Arena is a fully automated online service where players can go head-to-head in games such as DOTA2 or CS:GO while fans watch on.

“The main feature is the level of automation, there are few out there that are deeply integrated in the [game] publisher’s back end,” managing director Gernot Abl told Stockhead.

“Through Mogul Arena players start the game, track all of the [player] IDs and once it is finished the platform knows who has won and can overlay game statistics accordingly.”

After the test or “beta” launch of the system on Monday, eSports shares gained 5 per cent to 2c, valuing the company at $17 million.

The launch comes as Australia starts paying more attention to the $100 billion global gaming industry — traditionally the realm of China, Korea and South-east Asia.

Last week Australia’s first esports high performance centre opened at the Sydney Cricket Ground, validating the past-time as a true-blue sport.

Computer gaming teams such as Oceania champion the LG Dire Wolves and Supa-Stellars will be embedded alongside the Sydney Swans, Sixers and Sydney FC.

However it will be a while before eSports matches attract the same viewership as footy or cricket, says Mr Abl.

Rise of eSports marked with SCG high performance centre.
The Sydney Cricket Ground now hosts an eSports high performance centre.

It was likely the industry would grow akin to big poker tournaments, with publicity garnered through large prize pools.

“Australia is a lagging but we’re not far off. Once we can show players there is money to be made at the grass roots level then I think we will be able to see eSports promoted as a viable alternative to other career paths.

“The prize pool will drive exposure. It won’t be mainstream but there will be significant interest.”

eSports hopes Mogul Arena will progress to monetisation next year, with an initial focus on Australia, South-East Asia and Latin America.

E-sport is one of the fastest growing industries in the world with an estimated 2.2 billion gamers across all platforms globally.