• DC Two completes its acquisition of Aussie managed IT and cloud services provider Attained Group
  • ID8 among the first companies to successfully report ISO 20022 transactions to AUSTRAC 2.0
  • Medtech Opyl raises a further $124,622 via the issue of all 4,154,059 shortfall shares

DC Two (ASX:DC2)

The data centre player has announced it has successfully completed its acquisition of Attained Group Pty Ltd (Attained), a profitable Aussie managed IT and cloud services provider, deploying and managing tech solutions across a variety of enterprises to improve performance and efficiency.

DC2 said the acquisition marks its expansion beyond data centres and infrastructure. The company said it will accelerate its strategic move into the broader cloud microservices IT sector, leveraging the IT infrastructure foundations built over the last three years.

DC2 said Attained covers several tech layers deemed critical to build an end-to-end market offering including:
• Cyber Security
• Managed IT services
• Cloud services
• Network and Voice solutions

During the last three years, Attained has generate profit while achieving an average of ~$3 million in unaudited revenue.

Total purchase consideration is ~$2 million in share consideration and deferred cash payments. As part of the deal DC2 will issue 17,824,504 fully paid ordinary shares at a deemed issue price of 5 cents/share to Attained vendors.

The consideration shares to be issued are subject to voluntary escrow for up to two years from date of issue.


Identitii (ASX:ID8)

ID8 announced it is among the first companies successfully report ISO 20022 transactions to AUSTRAC 2.0, the regulator’s updated reporting system designed specifically to accept the new data rich ISO 20022 format.

ID8 said the reporting comes as banks adjust to reporting International Funds Transfer Instructions (IFTI) on cross-border payments processed in the new ISO 20022 message format and as internal system and process changes continue to impact how they report.

CEO John Rayment said the company built the ID8 platform with ISO 20022 in mind and are pleased to be able to make this change as quick and easy as possible for its customers and the industry, to help ensure they continue to provide complete and accurate reporting to the regulator.

“The industry has been waiting for ISO 20022 for years and we are thrilled to be among one of the first companies to successfully report ISO 20022 messages to AUSTRAC,” Rayment said.

“The change has not been easy for financial institutions and we expect teething issues will remain throughout SWIFT’s co-existence period.”

ID8 said in addition to helping reporting entities submit complete and accurate reports to AUSTRAC in the new format, it is helping the industry solve challenges associated with data truncation and poor data quality resulting from translating between legacy SWIFT MT and the new ISO 20022 MX payment message formats.

“The Identitii platform was built to accept both legacy MT and MX messages and to be able to easily report them to the regulator in the required format,” Rayment said.



The Medtech has announced that it has successfully raised a further $124,622 (before costs) via the issue of all 4,154,059 shortfall shares at an issue price of 3 cents/share under the shortfall facility of the rights issue, which closed on February 13, 2023.

This shortfall placement together with the support for the rights issue has raised  ~$480,390 (before costs) through the issue of 16,013,013 new fully paid ordinary shares.

OPL said the shares under the shortfall have been taken up by new and existing sophisticated and professional investors with an interest or background in healthtech and efficiency technologies.

In its announcement OPL said new investors have acknowledged the growth potential of the company’s clinical trial recruitment solution Opin.ai, and expressed particular interest in expanding development of TrialKey, the company’s emerging clinical trial design and prediction tech that harnesses artificial intelligence and big data to improve the probability of delivering a successful clinical trial result.

The additional funding from the shortfall allows the company, at minimal cost, to advance development of TrialKey, to a minimum viable product stage and into a pilot with existing global pharma customers.

Advancing development to this point is a necessary precondition to viably be able to demonstrate the platform’s capabilities and attract partners interested and capable of accelerating the development and commercialisation of the platform.

Further, these development costs are likely to be eligible for R&D tax incentives.


The DC2, ID8 & OPL share price today: