• SpaceX says Dish Network’s 5G mobile service could render Starlink unusable
  • archTIS nabs $7m Aussie defence contract for Kojensi software security product
  • Pointerra is having success with its 3D Answers storm response solution in the US market


SpaceX has warned that its Starlink internet service could become “unusable for most Americans” if a proposal by Dish Network to use the 12 GHz band for terrestrial 5G is approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Earlie this week SpaceX sent a letter to the FCC over satellite broadcaster Dish Network seeking permission to operate a high-power 5G mobile service in the 12 GHz band.

Apparently, the issue stems from the fact that this is part of the same Ku-band spectrum used by Starlink, OneWeb, and other satellite operators to connect to user terminals.

SpaceX even conducted tests showing that Dish Network’s proposal would cause Starlink users to “experience harmful interference” 77% of the time.

“Despite technical studies dating back as far as 2016 that refute the basis of their claims, DISH has attempted to mislead the FCC with faulty analysis in hopes of obscuring the truth,” SpaceX says.

“If DISH’s lobbying efforts succeed, our study shows that Starlink customers will experience harmful interference more than 77% of the time and total outage of service 74% of the time, rendering Starlink unusable for most Americans.”


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The software security stock has been awarded a $7m contract with the Aussie Department of Defence for its Kojensi product to secure information collaboration across the agency.

The total contract value is $7.03m over two years, the largest sale in the company’s history – and includes $3.44m in recurring revenue over a two-year period and $3.59m for services, support and hardware for the expanded growth and implementation of Kojensi.

“Over the past 18 months we have been actively targeting global defence agencies and the broader defence industry due to their compelling need to secure highly sensitive information,” CEO and MD Daniel Lai said.

“This target market strongly aligns with the unique value proposition our products offer. Kojensi and NC Protect are filling a critical need for zero-trust information security in the well-funded, defence and intelligence market and the industries that support them.”



3D analytic player Pointerra has provided an update on sales activity during the June quarter in the US energy utilities sector.

Following the successful completion of a paid POC (Proof of Concept) project, customer Florida Power and Light (FPL) has entered new contracts for the deployment of the Pointerra3D Answers storm response solution – which can rapidly determine and extract insight and answers from airborne LiDAR captured immediately after a storm event.

In the event of a storm, FPL will load pre-storm and post-storm LiDAR collection that will be fully processed by Pointerra3D with results available within 24 hours for pre-storm collect and six hours on post-storm collect.

The Pointerra3D Answers solution will also identify damaged/downed assets and adjacent property impact, cross referenced to electricity network outage data, to guide the deployment of FPL crews and resources critical to incident response and the restoration of power to customers.

Plus, after a paid POC project for the parent company of FPL – NextEra Energy – Pointerra has also entered into an enterprise subscription agreement to use Pointerra3D Analytics to support NextEra’s multibillion dollar greenfield development of solar energy project sites across continental USA.


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