Underwater drone and robotics company Aquabotix has launched three robust new products.

Aquabotix (ASX:UUV) manufactures and sells commercial and industrial-grade underwater drones for commercial, industrial and military purposes.

It said today that it has three new SwarmDiver autonomous swimming, swarming underwater drones: the SwarmDiver STEALTH for covert defence applications, the SwarmDiver NIGHTLINE to support special operations missions, and the SwarmDiver EDGE for security, deterrence and harbour management purchases.

The STEALTH product, pictured below, features a “ruggedised exterior coating over a specialty graphic camouflage paint, a low-noise emitting motor, and no visible vehicle status lights”.

The idea being that it can move undetected along features like shorelines and in harbours.

Its design leaves little to the imagination.

The company’s shares rose 10 per cent on the news.

Aquabotix shares (ASX:UUV) over the past year.

“Our SwarmDiver product has literally dozens of applications and end-uses, solving problems that, to date, were difficult to manage, and in some cases, unsolvable, for commercial and governmental maritime and naval users,”said Aquabotix chief Whitney Million.

Back in June, Aquabotix applied for a US explosives licence to design, make, store and sell unmanned vehicles “with explosive capabilities”.

The SwarmDiverSTEALTH. Pic: Aquabotix