Aquabotix first told us in May that it was pursuing contracts in the US “involving Aquabotix’s unmanned systems in combination with explosives”.

Today the underwater drone maker has confirmed it has applied for a “United States Federal Explosives Licence to develop, manufacture, store and sell unmanned vehicles with explosive capabilities”.

Aquabotix (ASX:UUV) has been setting up shop on US army and navy sites this year to further develop its latest robots — including their potential use with explosives.

US-based, locally-listed Aquabotix recently unveiled SwarmDiver — a smart, small and easily deployable robot that can work alongside dozens of its colleagues, creating a mechanical swarm.

Multiple SwarmDivers can function simultaneously as a single, co-ordinated entity on water, be easily controlled via one operator on the surface, and perform dives on command to collect intelligence.

The licence would allow Aquabotix to “conduct activities such as manufacturing, purchasing, storing, and shipping explosive materials to support its continued development of SwarmDiver and other unmanned underwater vehicles with explosives capabilities” the group told investors today.

“Holding an explosives Licence would allow Aquabotix to fully exploit the benefits of our co-location with the Army at Radford Army Ammunition Plant as we continue development of SwarmDiver and other vehicle capabilities to include explosive functions,” said Aquabotix boss Whitney Million.

Ms Million was appointed CEO amid a management restructure in March.