Special Report: The launch of the AppsVillage Store marks an important step forward, as the company executes on its vision to become a one-stop global shop for small to medium businesses (SMB).

Fresh off a huge quarter of revenue growth to round out 2019, the team behind fast-growing SMB software provider AppsVillage (ASX:APV) show no signs of slowing down.

The company has been busy building out complementary product offerings to its core service – technology that allows clients to set up a customer-focused app for their business within minutes.

And it all forms part of AppsVillage’s vision to become a “leading global player within the SMB sector”, CEO Max Bluvband said.

Late last year, the company successfully partnered with two market-leading players in the US market for small-business lending, combining a new revenue stream with improved access to credit for its existing customers.

And to kick off 2020, the company further established its position in the SMB lending space by inking a deal with Credit Risk Community, and analytics company that will manage risk around bad debts and late payments.

Pushing into new markets

Having established traction within its existing verticals, AppsVillage has now unveiled bigger plans with its new Marketplace initiative.

Launching today in beta form, the AppsVillage Store will provide a platform for customers to promote their products and services with discounts, deals and coupons.

It’s a creative way to create synergies for the hundreds of thousands of companies which use the AppsVillage app tool to promote their business.

In addition to providing a new distribution channel for customers, the AppsVillage Store also opens up a new revenue stream for the company in the form of percentage commission on all sales generated through the marketplace platform.

It forms another step forward in AppsVillage’s targeted marketing strategy – part of its strategic vision to become a multi-channel SMB service provider.

“The launch of this new platform puts AppsVillage ahead of the competition in the SMB sector,” Bluvband said.

“We are developing a suite of SMB-focused products and services to grow our footprint and deliver stronger revenues.”


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