Special Report: AppsVillage Australia has partnered with leading credit risk analytics company Credit Risk Community, a move expected to push it towards becoming a leading global SMB lender.

AppsVillage Australia (ASX:APV) is ensuring its new lending business is as safe as possible, by partnering up with a credit risk analytics business.

The software as a solution (SaaS) provider for small and medium businesses (SMB) has inked a deal with Credit Risk Community (CRiskCo), whose AI software provides customer risk analysis, a key issue for any lender.

AppsVillage wants to be a leading global small and medium business lender and is launching its full microfinance offering in the coming weeks.

It says CRiskCo will be used to ensure the company has minimal bad debt and late or delayed payments from independent microfinance customers on the books.

“Managing risk is key to our micro-finance. AppsVillage intends to become a high-quality international fintech player for SMB financing and we will spare no effort in assuring a responsible governance of our business,” Max Bluvband, Founder and CEO said.

“As our Fintech revenues will grow, we have to make sure we provide the highest rate of finance returns with minimal defaults on bad-debt.”

The agreement will see CRiskCo’s analytics software integrated into the microfinance application section of AppsVillage Capital’s website and app.

AppsVillage will use the platform to provide credit analysis on white-labelled loan applications from its existing database and new SMBs.

The company expects this to drive microfinance funding from its partners Seek Capital, Fundomate and Lumi, and maximise the revenue generating potential from referring customers.

Headquartered in Brisbane, CRiskCo is a leading credit risk analysis and management platform specifically designed to improve credit evaluation, provide real-time credit insights, reduce fraud and improve collection efficiency for credit providers working with SMBs.

In addition to customer risk analysis, CRiskCo’s software uses accounting data analytics and artificial intelligence to reduce underwriting time and cost, detect fraud, and predict future credit failures ensuring credit providers have real-time information when approving funding applications.

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