Learning the ropes in crypto currency could be as easy as a mobile game.

Or so gamer Animoca Brands (ASX:AB1) is hoping.

The mobile game publisher company is partnering with Japanese developer Red Robot to make a “a gamified cryptocurrency wallet app with built-in tutorials and features to educate everyday consumers”.

A crypto wallet is an application used to store and trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin using digital “keys”.

The process is not difficult — but it can be daunting for everyday people and Animoca reckons it’s come up with a better way to educate consumers.

“The app will target audiences who have little knowledge of cryptocurrency, and will educate users utilising principles of gamification to lower the barriers of entry to cryptocurrency trading,” Animoca told the market on Friday.

As players progress through the game, they earn an in-game cryptocurrency they can use to learn about digital currencies and related products like “cryptogames” and “cryptocollectibles”.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us in an incredibly dynamic and promising sector,” co-founder Yat Siu told the market.

Animoca Brands (AB1) shares over the past six months.
Animoca Brands (AB1) shares over the past six months.


“We look forward to leveraging the expertise of Red Robot as we develop an app for everyday consumers. Our goal is to demystify the fields of cryptocurrency and blockchain and render them accessible to anyone.”

Shares in the company (ASX:AB1) were trading down 4 per cent at midday – at 4.5c.

The stock reached a high of 12c earlier this year off strong performance of its Crazy Defense Heroes game and CryptoKitties investment.