What is Financial Wellness? And how does it help people make everyday financial decisions? and how does it relate to the WISR business model. 

Wisr (ASX:WZR) is purpose-built to improve the financial health of all Australians by helping them to make smarter decisions with their finances.

Wisr describes ‘Financial Wellness’ as the habits and behavioural change that are critical in creating lasting change to people’s relationships with money, this includes making better financial decisions when it comes to lending.

They’ve reinvented the consumer credit experience to make real change by looking at the bigger picture and improving a customer’s holistic financial health.

Wisr CEO Andrew Goodwin chats with Stockhead’s Ashtyn Hiron, on what ‘Financial Wellness’ means for everyday Australians, the purpose to profit model and how technology can help to make better informed financial decisions.