On the Bid is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of experts discussing a new investment topic each week.

In this edition, host Oriel Morrison discusses how the RLG is helping companies expand into China via digital marketing and e-commerce. The growing demand for health and wellbeing products have been welcomed by the company, with goals for international expansion.   

In this episode Oriel chats to Bryan Carr, managing director and CEO at Roolife Group (ASX:RLG)

RLG provides fully integrated digital marketing and customer acquisition services, focusing on driving online sales of products and services for its clients. RLG provides personalised, real-time, targeted marketing.

After more than doubling FY22 sales revenue, RLG is doubling-down on its unique business model and branching out across the globe, taking fully-integrated digital marketing and customer acquisition expertise and driving client expansion into new and diversified markets.

The panel discuss a range of topics including driving e-commerce for businesses, the impact of inflation, overcoming COVID supply chain issues, RLG’s $1M line of credit to further grow sales, Santander UK & AFT Pharma partnerships and more.

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