On the Bid is a Stockhead video series featuring a roundtable of experts discussing a new investment topic each week.

In this edition, host Oriel Morrison discusses the current state of Australian markets with rising interest rates and a looming further rise of inflation, focusing on opportunities for investor for 2023.

In this episode Oriel chats to Grady Wulff, market analyst at Bell Direct.

Wulff joined Bell Direct as a market analyst in August 2022. Her role is to provide in-depth market insights and analysis to identify trading and investment opportunities for Bell Direct’s clients.

The pair take a look companies making waves in the energy sector;

Boss Energy (ASX:BOE) is ready to capitalise on a strengthening uranium market with an existing plant and mine in a tier one jurisdiction with low costs and strong financial returns. Its 100% owned and fully permitted Honeymoon Mine has a global first-mover advantage and will be Australia’s next uranium producer of up to 3.3Mlbs U308 per annum.

Deep Yellow (ASX:DYL) is focused on becoming a tier one, low-cost uranium producer by establishing a multi-project, globally diversified uranium portfolio. The company is advancing a bold, counter cyclical, dual-pillar growth strategy, focused on organic growth through the development of its existing asset base in Namibia, and inorganic growth through a targeted merger and acquisition program.

Cooper Energy (ASX:COE) generates revenue and contributes to Australia’s energy future through the discovery, commercialisation and sale of gas to southeast Australia and low cost Cooper Basin oil production.

Beach Energy (ASX:BPT) is an Australian oil and gas company with a strong pioneering history. It’s growing to become Australia’s largest onshore oil producer with a major gas business having operations in SA, VIC, WA, QLD and New Zealand. Its portfolio of strategically located oil and gas assets positions it for further growth.

The panel discuss a range of topics including Wulff’s analysis of current markets, how close we are to the bottom, the energy sector following the 2022 energy crisis, companies making waves in the energy sector and more.

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