Got 90 seconds? Then listen to Talga Resources’ managing director explain the potential impact of company’s new graphene silicon battery anode product, which they say can dramatically increase the amount of energy a lithium-ion battery can store.

Talga Resources recently announced a battery anode material that delivers much better energy density.

Batteries are made up of an anode (positive) electrode and a cathode (negative) electrode and the electrical current flows between the two.

And Talga says its new graphene silicon battery anode product, called Talnode-Si, increases the amount of energy a lithium-ion battery can store by around 70 per cent compared to graphite-only anodes.

It also matches the performance of silicon-only anodes but can be scaled up much more easily and cost effectively.

The company says it is now  sending commercial samples to “some of the world’s largest electronic corporations.”

We asked managing director Mark Thompson to provide a bit more context around this development and the potential interest from battery and electronics manufacturers.

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