Results from the latest round of metallurgical test on three targeted samples have confirmed a high-quality premium product can be achieved within a key area of Cape Flattery.

Metallica Minerals (ASX:MLM) says this round of testing was undertaken following the previous bulk testing on a sub-sample of material from a 914kg composite sample on drilling results returned back in August 2021.

This latest testwork was undertaken by Mineral Technologies and involved a silica sand characterisation study, with work comprising laboratory-scale tests to produce products which represent the purest silica sand that may be achievable using conventional mineral processing methods.

The sand characterisation study involved using a suite of laboratory tests to understand how the sand would behave in a full-scale processing plant.

This work identifies which stages and laboratory methods are crucial in upgrading the feed sand to a high-end product.


Impressive levels of low iron oxide

MLM Executive Chairman Theo Psaros said these impressive levels of low iron oxide will give potential offtake partners confidence in the company’s project potential and ability to produce a high premium product.

“Test work is continuing at Mineral Technologies with a bulk sample comprising approximately 800kg of sand from Cape Flattery being run through a pilot plant for process design purposes,” he said.

“Future metallurgical tests are to target specific areas of the resource to determine where the best sand is so that when processed, will generate a premium product.”


HLS stage saw most significant reduction in grades

The heavy liquid separation (HLS) stage of the process revealed the most significant reduction in iron oxide, with the content of the silica sand reduced from grades of 260 ppm iron oxide to between 70ppm and 100ppm.

Dry screening completed prior to the HLS stage only saw minimal changes in the Fe2O3, grade of the products.

The lowest iron oxide grades achieved by this testwork for samples CFS2, CFS3 and CFS4 were 70ppm, 90ppm and 90ppm respectively.


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